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Blues Recording CD

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by lowblues, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. Hey forumites,

    I am really pumped to announce we have finally received our CD production Run. Its been a long time comin' since we recorded the music a year and a half ago.

    Its Total Blues, and the Blues fans will find the guitar playing fresh and not too cliche'. Good Dr Z Route 66 lead tones from our guitar player, and overall some good music with really Top Notch Vocals. (I'm shamless, I know.)

    The CD was recorded to 1" 8-track Tape and very well mastered by Dave Collins. Its our own recording and mixing work, but it actually turned out really nice and has received lots of nice positive feedback.

    MP3's are available for previewing at our site www.howlersblues.com

    Thanx and Best Blues To You,

  2. BASSethound


    Mar 19, 2002
    Buffalo, NY
    Awesome, maybe I will get a disc soon! I also play blues and our CD will be out in May!

    We have a pretty cool scene here in buffalo, ny.
  3. Hey BASSethound...

    Sounds great! This CD technology is fantastic, don't ya think. 20 years ago, it would have been very difficult for a band such as mine to produce a record (or "recording" for all you youngons out there.) Now, for a small (or smaller) price, anyone can produce their own quality recording if for nothing else, to just say "Look what we did!"

    Were pumped about it. The CD is selling nicely and is getting very good reviews so far. And we haven't yet hit the festival scene.

    Do you have any MP3 to listen to on a web site? Check out ours at www.howlersblues.com and let me know what you think.

  4. Listened to all of the mini-cuts. You guys are very interesting. Rawk on :)

  5. Thanks mnit1.

    I've been hanging out on the fender forum talking recordings there as well. A lot of talk there.

    We got a real good plug from the Dr. Z amp webpage. www.drzamps.com as our guitar player uses their stuff. Lucky him. I haven't heard from the Eden folks about using their cabs. I'll keep waiting (dreaming) for a responce.

  6. Just a little more press is all that's needed man... that's it. Hang in. Think "Eden endorsement... Eden endorsement... hail yeah!"

  7. Ok, I'll do that.

    (Eden endorsment....Eden endorsment...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...)

    WoW, fell asleep there.

    If you listen to the recordings of the mp3's on the web sit, anyone can see why Perry (our guitar player) and Dr. Z get along. Perry has also done the sound samples for the Maz Jr. amp. If your into that kind of stuff, go check it out.

    Back to the CD, We are having our CD release GIG tonight. Can't wait. Should be fun.

  8. did it go good for you guys? sell lots of CD's? kick some bootay? as for myself, i had a 700 dollar scheduled payday fall through (a wedding). bummer. oh well, i guess that's why we charge a non-refundable retainer. too bad the drummer who booked the gig settled for only 150 bucks on the retainer... lol. i should have said, the wedding was moved back, not cancelled. we'll see.

    anyway - rawk on, man. i like the way you play and i like your band.

  9. Yea, we had a great night. Played tight and strong. The crowd was into it. We unloaded a whole box of CD's (30 of them) and had a lot of new people come to hear us. Plus we got the pay from the club.

    To bad about the wedding gig. Keep a "stiff upper lip.

  10. Good stuff, Andy! Really dug the tunes, and enjoyed reading about how the CD was made.
  11. XavierG- WOW...

    Now I'm going to be locked in my practice room because of YOUR stuff. It is good to streach a bit.

    If you caught the MP3's, what did you think of the relationship between the bass and guitar. Especilly on the songs Oh Pretty Woman and Walking Papers?


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