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Blues Rig

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Red Planet, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. willieG


    Feb 10, 2003
    Anybody......without a car that is.....or U haul account, needs a light rig.

    I would suggest a Nemesis 15 inch combo.....very deep for the Blues, and if you drink enough you might be able to hear a tube sound.....

    Ed Friedland.......suggests the best rig is a Fender 300 tube with a 8 10's stack....

    I would get the new Eden 300 E series all tube.....with a 15".....cap or if possible 2 15".....

  2. bigfatbass

    bigfatbass Banned

    Jun 30, 2003
    Upstate NY
    Endorsing Artist: Karl Hoyt Basses
    Genz-Benz shuttle 6.0 and any 4ohm 212, or pair of 8ohm 112s, you can lay your hands on.

    Case closed.
  3. Red Planet

    Red Planet

    May 29, 2005
    Would love to see that. I love fretless as well but dont currently have a Fretless at the moment. I've been digging my 53 reissue Fender since I purchased it in 05. It is one of the few pieces of Gear I have had a longer love affair with. I have allways been a Gear Hound but I'm setteled on this one. Was thinking about doing a Custom Version of one of these down the road.
  4. rascool


    Mar 1, 2008
    Hmmm, Ashdown maybe? You could get it as your rock/blues type rig and keep the M2 as your main one (my main amp's an SWR WorkingPro 12 so I'm guessing the M2 is versatile but with a cleaner, tighter bias).

    From what I've tried I quite like Ashdown's as they seem to come in on the phat side of versatile: lovely warm sounding things. I just used a MAG 600/ MAG 810 for a church rock gig and it fitted the rock sound really well. Thinking it would prob be alright for blues too. Also saw a jazz band playing rock covers (Enter Sandman jazzified. Very cool!) last New Year, and the girl on bass had an upright through an Ashdown 300 2x10 combo, really warm sound and got Queenstown thumping quite nicely.

    So maybe an Ashdown ABM 300 2x10 combo (or whatever the name of it is) as your "second rig".
  5. lopxtc


    Jan 18, 2007
    St. Louis, MO
    Here is my little blues rig setup ... amazing punchy for a 210 unit.
  6. dougjwray


    Jul 20, 2005
  7. My current small show blues rig..

  8. watspan


    Nov 25, 2002
    madison, wi
    I'm real happy w/ a schroeder 1212L w/ telescoping handle/dolly & thunderfunk 420--makes for a nice 1 trip load in/out. we play smaller venues than you describe (bars/clubs up to 250) but we use no FOH either.
  9. Thunderthumbs73


    May 5, 2008
    I'm not sure I know of a decent rig of any brand that could not work for blues. Isn't that good news? Even your SWR, or "fancy-schmancy" setup is fine... If you like the sound, then that's all the validation I'd think you would need, but smaller is better to a certain point.
  10. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    I have been to your planet.

    I may have originated there.

    Sound is sound. My guitarist shows up to a duo gig with a tiny Fishman amp that he sings through and plays a fat hollowbody floating bridge guitar. His tone was that of a '60s Deluxe reverb. Tubey rich.
    Who knew?
  11. BillisCool


    Apr 16, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    Titan and Neox212T... with an SR4. :)
  12. Thunderthumbs73


    May 5, 2008
    There isn't one ultimate blues rig. I've heard enough great blues tone out of enough rigs that it seems to negate the possibility of "the" (one) ultimate blues bass rig.

    I don't think there has to be any difference between jazzy dance band rig and a blues band rig.

    I don't think a traditional rockin blues rig has to be all tube at all. As long as it sounds good, it shouldn't matter whether it's traditional, or modern, or also sounds good in other styles of music. It could be an all-tube Aguilar, or a solid state Peavey. Or something in-between.

    Being very specific about the "right" amp/rig setup for the blues seems a bit counter-intuitive to the DIY ethic, and sounds to me a bit like the idea that if you don't have the "right" guitar or saxophone, then you shouldn't play jazz with it.
  13. willieG


    Feb 10, 2003
    I'd like to throw in my 2 cents, after attempting to play Blues for 20 odd years.....as far as the bass goes.......it really needs to groove and support the Blues band,,,vocals or guitars....

    I have gone from big rigs to small combo amps......but the "flatwounds".....seem to get the sound I like to hear for blues.

    The room you play in can be a real paradox....cause the amp will change and get boomy and loose clarity at times.....sounds bad, unlike when you play the exact amp in other places.....so for the ultimate "blues amp"...first find the amp that fits the band......small venues? midsize venues?......other then that the venue will take care of the sound anyway thru the PA.....

    So first things first, get some flatwounds.....get in a good groove Blues band...covers are great of the KINGS.......and then start worrying about your amp...

    PS....I get by fine with a Nemesis 4 10's 320 watts.......with the flatwounds.

  14. greenboy


    Dec 18, 2000
    remote mountain cabin Montana
    greenboy designs: fEARful, bassic, dually, crazy88 etc
    Johnny B Gayden - is he using flats these days? Most of the stuff I've heard him playing it's definitely rounds. And I'd say he's a great bluesman. More progressive than some for sure, but he's got the dues paid and has roots.
  15. Isn't the blues worthy of your best Red? Doesn't matter what kind of gig I play I always tote my favourite rig: 2 Acme B2s, Carvin DCM1000 driven by my tube pre-amp.

  16. I would highly recommend trying the Mesa M6 into your 4ohm Goliath cab. The M6 is a VERY loud 600 watts, clean and quick enough to work well with that relatively modern voiced cab, but with a nice tube in the pre that can warm things up nicely if you so choose. It's very different from any other Mesa head. It's much more tight, quick and clean, but with plenty of warmth.

    24 pounds and two rack spaces.

    It's a very impressive head, and is prices at about $1,000 (although I think they are increasing the price a bit after the first of the year). It's one LOUD amp, and is big sounding but tight and articulate at the same time.... more similar to a big SWR amp but with more mid punch than it is to other Mesa bass heads IMO.
  17. joelb79


    Mar 22, 2006
    Lansing, Michigan
    SWR 350 Head
    Bag End 410.

    That'll thump you to kingdom come.
  18. pbassnut

    pbassnut Supporting Member

    Sep 27, 2004
    Falls Church, VA
    It kinda depends on whether you're talking "traditional" old school blues or "blues rock". If it's the latter ... anything that works for rock oughta do ya. However, if it's old school blues, strict adherence to "the three Fs" (F)enders, (F)latwounds and (F)ifteens will put you where you need to be. One thing I've found on the Washington, DC/Baltimore blues scene (that I find kinda lame) is a general band leader bias against modern and/or large bass rigs. With regard to large rigs ... I've been told to turn down before I even set up my rig! Harp player band leaders, in particular, seem prone to fall into this "Blues Nazi" thing where everything has to be exactly like on a 1959 Little Walter record. Certainly relatively low power all-tube heads such as Fender Bassman 100/135s & Showmans, Ampeg V4Bs and Sunn 1200Ss are highly desirable. Non-tweeter cabinets ... preferably with 15s are also highly desirable for a good blues sound. A lotta (particularly the older) guys on my circuit use the Bag End S15-D cabinets which are small & light (important for keeping the Blues Nazis off your back), efficient and sound great for blues. In addition, the GK 800RB head works well with the Bag End S15-D cabinet (or most any 15) as a great blues bass head to play a Precision strung with flats through.
  19. Red Planet

    Red Planet

    May 29, 2005
    Some very well thought out post from somre really nice TalKbassers. Thanx guys.

    Dang good stuff to contemplate. Let's keep it going.

    I'm an old fart and I definately feel in my heart it's tubes and 15's with no tweeters for Blues. Though I currently do not own such a rig.

    I just do not think of the Blues as Hi Fi.
  20. Datsgor

    Datsgor Supporting Member

    Jul 29, 2000
    I use a Shuttle 6.0 with a Presonus Bluemax compression into an Eden 8 ohm 4x10 for my club gigs and into my Peavey 4 ohm 4x12 for my outdoor gigs. 600 watts into that old 4x12 will send you to thump heaven. Oh yea, always with one of my P-basses. always.

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