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Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by fenderbassist24, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Forgot I had this.

  2. ficalini


    Aug 5, 2011
    NW Houston
    Being a band nerd, I thought this thread was about marching bands

    (Bands Of America)
  3. Blinded by the awesomeness again, are we?
  4. That, my senior thesis, and a move half way across the country.
  5. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
  6. Now that I have free time, I am going to try to get it done. But I will have some pics up tonight. Can't photograph this during the day. I am worried that if I turn it on between sun up and sun set it will destroy the sun.
  7. It could implode the world
  8. DeltaPhoenix

    DeltaPhoenix Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2011
    Put it on tour again!
  9. That is a responsibility that I alone could not handle or organize for that matter.
  10. Bump.

    My camera died last night while trying to photograph this. Coincidence, I think not.
  11. First post too old to edit to add photoz. Here they are.





  12. DeltaPhoenix

    DeltaPhoenix Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2011
  13. Every time I turn this demon on I blind myself. The picture of the ceiling is a good example of how bright it can be. Heaven is at around 3:00 on that dial.
  14. Bump
  15. quadrogong


    Jul 6, 2006
  16. Be not fearful of technology, embrace it as you would embrace the future.

    ...or something...
  17. Bump
  18. Bump
  19. Fitz


    Oct 20, 2009
    I wouldn't pay $5 for that piece of crap bump

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