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Board layout and chaining suggestions

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by njones89, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. njones89


    Mar 27, 2015
    Sioux Falls
    image hosting over 5mb

    I am going to build a pedalboard, and I want it to be as small as possible. I am looking for suggestions on my layout and how to chain it up. I kinda set it up how I think I should wire it, from right to left on the top row, and from left to right on the bottom row. Some are analog and some are digital. I put the SYB and Moog next to each other for ease of use. EQ is almost always on, but I want to keep the pedals together by shape/brand as much as possible. I might raise the back row up to make stomping easier/less dangerous for the pedals.

    Tuner - Boss TU-3
    Synth - Boss SYB-5 (with Moog expression pedal)
    Octave - MXR M88
    Compressor - MXR Dynacomp
    Distortion/Fuzz/OD - Boss MT-2 (Metal Zone)
    Tremolo - Boss TR-2
    EQ - DOD FX42B
    Chorus - DOD FX62
    Echo/Delay - Danelectro Dan Echo

    It won't be a complete board until I get a Boss OBD-3 and an MXR Bass Compressor to replace the metal zone and dynacomp, which are part of my guitar rig. I also want a flanger. I would probably swap out flanger/trem/chorus instead of having them all on the board at once. I would also like a bass wah at some point, but I think it would be best to leave it off the board or swap it with the expression pedal. Good ideas?
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2016
  2. I would have put comp right after tuner or last, depending on how you want to limit things.

    Tremolo after delay. I always put my trems after delay and reverb. Try it both ways while combining them.
    Then again, i have delay both before and after dirt. Try both...

    Eq, before or after dirt depending on what you need it to do?
    Before to cut bass and boost mids to make it edgier?
    After to boost bass and regain some lost bottom?

    Maybe octave before syn for better tracking, but try it both ways.

    Really, pedals you know you'll combine.
    Put them on the floor two and two(or three)and move them around until you find the right setup.
    Then start mounting them on the board to save you some time.

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