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Bob Mould(Husker Du) Worshiping Post

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Stupidnick, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    Who likes Bob Mould??
    Bob Mould is great. I liked his stuff with Husker Du. Um my favorite songs are Could you be the one, blah blah blah, and Makes No sense at all. great stuff.
    I wish husker Du was still around. :(
    Ive got 1 sugar cd.. it rocks my socks, my eyebrows, my bellybutton and my big thumb as well.
    Anyway else like Bob mould?
    Hes one heck of a rocknroller..
  2. Although I am not really familiar with Husker Du, I have seem Bob Mould recently at The Metro in Chicago. He puts on one hell of a show, and his music was fun to listen to.
  3. SMASH

    SMASH Guest

    Jan 18, 2000
    AGREED !

    If Husker Du were around today in the pop/punk explosion, they'd be massive. Instead we have this shameful dreck like Jimmy Eat World that is 1/10 Husker Du, 1/10 Dinosaur Jr. (ALL HAIL J. MASCIS!) and 8/10 pure crap, making more in a month than those bands did in a year ... or maybe ever. And the young fans have no idea they're being duped. Such a shame.

    Then again, I was at a sporting even recently wearing a Husker Du shirt and some drunken youth gave me the horns and shouted "HUUUSKERRR F*****KIN DUUUUUU !!!!". And there's a local tribute band called The Husker Dudes. Maybe the kids are alright after all.
  4. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    yeah agreed on the Jimmy Eats world.. Dinosaur Jr. Rules also i have a couple of there tapes and vinyls.
    They did mention Iggy Pop and Mike watt last night on Mtv news sooo... the worlds not totally dumb..but just a little part of it has some sence..

    But i would like to see Bob Mould in the white house.. He could probably Do it.. he would be better than.. our current selection too..*cough* anyway. .yeah i was looking for a Husker Du site with the music for Could you Be the one so i could learn it on guitar (not too easy for me ..13 or 14 chords) and i saw something about Bobby off King of the Hill being based off Bob Mould. Hmm i need to watch that show more often.
  5. Husker Du is great,
    Really great
    Really really really great

    so great that any attempt to verbalize their greatness would be wholly unsuccessful

    Pure emotion through a amplifier

    That's Husker Du
  6. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    why is this in bassist now? it was originally in Misc..cause Bob Mould isn't a bassist.. hrmmm oh well
  7. husker du is awsome. i was really into them when I was in high school. one time the school rockstar who thought he liked punk rock(you know the type, greenday & blink182 fan"punkrawker"), anyways he told me how much he loved punk, and anarchy and the rest, and he couldnt handle husker du, and told me it wasnt punk, but just noise, and that I should figure out what real punk was. me and my friends laughed at him for days. anyways thats my husker du story.
    and their cover of sunshine superman is pretty cool too.
  8. erik II

    erik II

    Jul 11, 2000
    Oslo, Norway
    Hüsker Dü was cool. I haven't heard any of Bob Moulds stuff after that.

    By the way... anyone know what the name Hüsker Dü means, or refers to? I think someone told me once that Husker Du was some kind of game...?

    It has always puzzled me a bit, since "husker du" is Norwegian for "do you remember".
  9. It was a game, like Memory. And yes, its Scandinavian for "Do You Remember"
    Probably chose it because it sounds cool and has nice significance
  10. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    yeah.. i think you can buy Husker Du at Toysrus and other Toy stores around the States now.... Ive seen em on the internet.. i would like to have one..
    I finally finished my covor of Could you be the one today.. i gotta add vocals though, my brother is gonna sing it. Then Im gonna do..either Standing in the Rain or else Makes no sence at all.
  11. I haven't heard that much by Husker Du, but I love "Beaster", by Sugar. All their other releases are quite bland, especially "File Under: Easy Listening" (*yawning*), but "Beaster" has it all. I really like the way Bob makes one guitar sound like, at least, five guitars.
  12. erik II

    erik II

    Jul 11, 2000
    Oslo, Norway
    Thanks for clearing that up.
    And - just to get the Scan-linguistic facts straight - : "Husker Du" ('hoosker doo') means "Do You Remember" in Norwegian and in Danish. In Swedish it would be "Kommer Du Ihåg" ('kohmer doo eehohg').

    Weren't you all just dying to know that...? :D
  13. Ryan L.

    Ryan L. Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2000
    West Fargo, ND
    Husker Du was one of my favorite bands when I was a younger Ryan. Another CD to check out is Bob Mould's "Black Sheets of Rain". Pretty good stuff there as well.

    I have seen him live twice, and he put on a killer show both times.

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