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  1. hey guys.
    up for your consideration first is a John Moyer Signature bass body. It is a 5 string version. looking to get $70 plus shiping

    Next I have the Rockfield MM style pickups from it. I have them wired straight to jack right now to make sure they work but no use other then that(almost like new)asking $60 each plus shipping SOLD!

    I have a traben 2 peice bridge assembly from the John Moyer Sig. asking $50 plus shipping

    Neck is from a Tony Levin OLP 5 string with maple fretboard. i gave tony a mowhawk with a green sharpie. i was going to sand and paint it. the color is Don't call me Barbie Coral. looking for $60 on that. SOLD!

    I also have the body for it but i routed out a second pickup and room for the traben bridge. it was my first real project and not very well done. if you are interested i can send pics. maybe $25 plus shipping

    finally i have a pair of Sony MDR-V700 headphones with pouch and gold adapter. asking $65 plus shipping. SOLD!!

    everything is o.b.o so get at me and ask. will have pics up later tonight or send me your email addy
  2. I am interested in the john moyer body, bridge, and the tony levin neck and body... please email me pics [email protected]
  3. email sent
  4. pics

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  5. john moyer body

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  6. and the wonderful pickups that john moyer uses

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  7. Sony mdr-v700 headphones

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  8. scootron

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    PM sent.
  9. pm replied
  10. neck with aluminum nut(was told it was installed by person before me)

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  11. scootron

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    Jul 17, 2007
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    Another PM sent. I'm cool with the nut and the Mohawk.
  12. Neck on hold pending payment
  13. and neck has been sold
  14. Sat morn bump
  15. bumpity bumpity
  16. yes i will do a whole body discount. i will do the whole traben body bridge assemb. and pickups for $200.

    the neck pocket is 3"(pretty big for my small ibanez hands)

    the only covers missing on the traben is the battery cover and the cavity control on the back

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  17. Wed bump. Prices are neg. so hit me up if you see anything you are interested in
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    Not familiar with Rockfield - are the pickups Alnico or Ceramic? And what's the pole spacing?
  19. they come on the high end trabens along with their 2 piece bridge for a better sustain. the pole pieces are roughly 2mm apart and i don't know if they are ceramic or alnico. John Moyer did say that he had them design his bass around a stingray if that helps
  20. Pickups on hold pending payment

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