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Body and neck mounting holes unmatching

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Toban.Ivan, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Toban.Ivan


    Sep 2, 2010
    Hi guys, first of all let me introduce my self.

    My name is Ivan and I'm writing from Italy.

    I'm 33 yo and I lived a passional not professional love for club/jam sessions music for almost 15 years 'till 4 years ago.

    A new job that send me 3 weeks per month in France and a little month less than 2 years ago the birth of my first son Mattia well.. You see what I mean.. my bass-time really vanished pretty fast.

    Now that my little boy growing up start to need less attentions I'm having more Free time.

    In complete foolish been I buyed a jazz bass body on ebay.
    I've been fashinated by a gorgeos spalted Maple top on a Honduras mahogany core and while I'm pretty happy of the woods look I ve been immediately disappointed after the first careful look.

    The neck pocket was twisted and out of allignement with pickups routings and the body to neck mounting holes are unmatching.

    While the pickups routings aren't a problem 'cause I'm ready to buy 2 SGD ND3 deluxe Humbuckers and so I'll have to work them out fixing ALL the problems (obviously matching the correct allignement neck/body/bridge) the mounting holes for the neck are really making me mad.

    I have a mac.ebony/mac.ebony Warmoth neck that I was planning to defret but here my problem.

    The new holes will not only require to fill the guide-holes already done on the neck (I don't even know whit what..) but in fact will touch the filled holes givin' me concernes about the contact strenght.

    Does anyone of you already lived a similar problem?
    I wouldn't like to buy another neck (without predrilled mounting holes) if possible..

    Thank you in anticipation and I promise, my future posts will be shorter ;)

  2. I would guess that the body is not made by Fender, or any name brand maker.
    That could be why the holes do not line up.
    Do you have a neck plate?
    That part you do not want to redrill.
    If the neck plate matches the neck holes,
    then you will want to redrill the body holes to match the neck plate.
    If the new holes will be close to the old ones, fill the old ones with wood.
    You can carve those from almost any wood, I'd I would try to get some type of hardwood.
    They need to be tight.
    Cut the ends off flush with the body.
    The neck and neck plate will completely cover the plugs, so they will not show. :hyper:
  3. JustForSport


    Nov 17, 2011
    You've got the parts to work with, so, I'd re-drill the existing holes and plug (glueing) with matching dowels as mentioned.
    Then, drill and install inserts with matching screws- they're not very expensive (while aligning neck with bridge and pickups). This will give you a solid neck-to-body mount using a neck you already have. Just be sure to check scale length from nut-to-bridge before drilling for inserts.