Bogart basses?

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  1. Hi,
    I've been looking to buy a good fretless fiver recently. I have found a Bogart not too far from here which seems a good deal - headless, barts, graphite neck. The few info I could find are all positive, but I have never heard of them before. Anything I should know about these?

    The alternative would be a Warwick proseries thumb, but I've discovered they are made in Korea while I thought I'd be getting the "real deal"...
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  2. Here are the photos on the ad, will call the seller this evening:

    Only thing stopping me is the two humbuckers really... I'd really love an MM pup but whatever. If it's a keeper I'll put one in.
  3. Up! I refuse to believe no one on TB hasn't at least played one. :)
  4. It's been quite a few years since I played a Bogart (back when they were sold under the SKC Graphite name), but they're excellent instruments. One of the best graphite necks I've ever played - better than Status, Modulus and Zon, and similar to a Moses. Some of the finishes are a bit unusual though - I don't think they do it any more, but the bodies used to be soft wood with a composite shell, hence the funky finishes. The one in the pic looks nice, so I say go for it. :)
  5. Then it's done! I only hope the guy doesn't sell it before january as I won't be able to travel there earlier.