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  1. Several years ago, I traded a ZVex Mastotron to another TB'er in exchange for a modded Bad Monkey and this funky little 3-knob fuzz. Some time later, I bought a Supercollider and decided on it as a more universal dirt machine. Hence, many of my pedals have sat unused in my closet for several years, while I've been at school working on 2 music degrees. Home for break and digging through my closet this afternoon, I came across it again, and upon doing a little bit of research (finding out it's an improvement on the Tonebender MK-II fuzz), I see people saying this is a rare pedal, one user stating that there are less than five in existence. I've been considering throwing a few of my pedals up for sale to fuel my transportation fund, but decided I may have to keep this one if I can verify its rarity. Does anyone else know a thing or two about this pedal, or if there is a way I can contact the maker to get some information on it? My camera is 2 hours away but I will post pictures when I get back; it's a small black enclosure, 3 knobs (Volume, Tone, Gain) with a green LED light, a silver bass clef wrapped around the true bypass switch and gold lettering (paint pen?) reading 'ALL YOUR BASS R BELONG 2 US'. Any little bit of info on this pedal would be appreciated, I'd really like to know if I've stumbled across a gem :hyper:
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    That's my old Bogdan Pedal! I ordered it directly from him on his polish email a couple years back!