Boo-Yeah! (A bragging thread)

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  1. I just have to boast... things are really going good music-wise for me. I just joined/formed a melodic thrash/death metal band which already sound godly(get this, we're gonna do a jazz version of seasons in the abyss!) and yesterday a session drummer I know asked me to play on his solo cd - I was his first choice! Boo-yeah baby! I know that this is nothing compared to what some of you guys have accomplished or have going on, but for me this is the shiznits!
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    That is really cool! I wish you continued success.

    As for me: I constantly try to improve my skills, but at age forty(mumble) have no aspirations beyond being a weekend warrior in the local bars. But I have so much fun gigging that I am ever amazed and grateful that I actually get paid for doing so. :)
  3. Mom says I'm neat.

    Now who's the man?

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    *Biski voice ON*

    My mother says that I'm speshul.


  5. LMAO!!! :D