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book match extremely flamed maple top sets

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by strangedejavu, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Here are just a portion of the tops that I have left, I am not going to be doing too many guitars, it was a fun hobby but life is too busy right now and I have to make space for other things... The first batch of 20 tops are all 20.5-21.5" long x 7.8-8" wide (per side) and 3/16ish thick, almost every one is rough sanded, just need joined and glued. These are some of the most figured tops i have seen in a while. Just like my alder, these were bought from a guy who sells to all of the major names in guitar building.

    TODAY ONLY 5 for 100 plus actual shipping...


    25.00 plus shipping each!

    if interested in more let me know I will make you a killer deal.

    Last time I sold some of these, shipping was around 10-15 depending on the quantity, usually around 15 total for a handful of boards.

    I will only charge actual shipping.

    Pictures on their way. Along with another posting for some longer and larger dimension drop tops.
  2. #1 photo-431_zps878e3698.

    #2 photo-432_zps19e10ea3.

    #3 photo-433_zpsa8200e52.

    #4 photo-438_zpsd9813343.

    #5 photo-435_zps8272c1e1.
  3. #6 photo-439_zps2bc6732e.

    #7 photo-436_zpsf9cc4ca9.

    #8 photo-440_zps046a8d9f.

    #9 photo-441_zps4d5334ad.

    #10 photo-430_zps30ac667d.
  4. #11 photo-429_zps3ee47d1e.

    #12 photo-434_zps950650cf.

    #13 photo-437_zps84224b59.

    #14 photo-428_zps0f76275d.

    #15 photo-427_zps364da5b1.
  5. #16 photo-426_zps0c3d9464.

    #17 photo-425_zps504408f7.

    #18 photo-424_zps88e9edc1.

    #19 photo-423_zps5b2424ae.

    #20 photo-422_zpsdc8cbd0b.
  6. The pictures do not do these justice, they look INSANE in real life and the book matches are perfect, this is just one way to book match them they can be flipped or reversed to get a different pattern too!
  7. lots of interest but nobody has claimed any yet, if you are reading this they are all still available!
  8. I also have some a couple inches longer and wider available for 25.00 each
  9. pmd!!
  10. sale pending on #8
  11. 8 is sold!