Book Review: Primacy of the Ear by Ran Blake

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    Just really quick since I forgot to write up something about this book. I friended Hal Galper who rec'd it through Facebook.

    Overall, Mr. Blakes ideas have revolutionized the way I listen to a recording prior to studying it. Some of the exercises he presents in the early parts of the book are pure gold. Stuff about listening once to a recording, pausing for 30 seconds to not think about it, and then going back for seconds and thirds and picking apart the rest of the rhythm section. There is his holistic process to listening - that everything is taken into context.

    It's affected the way I learn tunes, solos, etc, and how I practice in a profound way. There's exercises and other things toward the end of the book I haven't tried yet but certainly a lot of it is really really good.

    Highly recommended!!!