boosey/hawkes schroetter bass?

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  1. I went to Long/McQuade yesterday. In case people don't know, it's a huge chain with 21 stores all across canada. I was asking what basses they had available. i said i wanted to spend about 1500 canadian. none of the stores in the area had any used stuff when i went badk to check in. well, i was told there's one bass that they sell new for 1595 canadian. it's made in china by boosey & hawkes. the brand is schroetter. i went to the boosey/hawkes webpage, and couldn't find any listing of this brand. there was a page:

    schroetter shop adjustment

    that talks about schroetter instruments having some better setup process that the other instruments don't. has anyone heard of this? is it just another of b/h's brands of bass setup by 'schroetter'? or is it something new? any ideas?

    and also, is it a legitimate instrument?
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    It's probably a Boosey and Hawkes-run Chinese factory, and Shroetter is this particular model. (or vice-versa) If I'm not mistaken, Boosey and Hawkes are originally an English company, Shroetter is a German company, and China produces good instruments for little $$$. The whole thing is controlled by Ted Turner....
  3. Well, here's B/H's response to an email:

    Our Andrew Schroetter basses are Chinese made. The model you are asking about has a carved spruce top and laminated back and sides. It has an ebony fingerboard and comes with Chinese steel strings. The bag is padded and the bow is a Chinese made brazil wood stick with horsehair.

    I am a bassist myself and I am continually amazed at how the Chinese are making these sound so good for such a low price. I would recommend getting one for evaluation.

    Good luck.

    just in case anyone else was wondering....