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Boost Channel Anyone?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Big Benner, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Lately in my original rock band, I'm finding it neccesary to have some sort of boost option for solos and louder passages. Option one is to have two different EQ setups on the SM 900 and stomp on the pedal when needed. Option two is to get a Boss LMB-3 (or equivalent) and set up a clean flat boost.

    The problem is that I set up the limiter on the amp to gently limit/compress the tone, so when I kick in either boost option, it won't have a huge effect because of the limiter on the amp.

    Does anyone else use a boost channel in their set up?

    I could run the bass into the LMB-3 set for the slight limiting/compression that I want, leave it on all the time and then use the two different EQs on the amp as the boost option, but then I'd turn the amps limiter off,... and the SM 900s limiter sounds soooooo good, especially compared to the Boss LMB-3.

    Why do alot of manufacturers put the limiter/compressor at the end of the signal chain? My Boss ME-50B is like that and I would kill to be able to totally squash the sound before the Synth,... but nope, the synth is before the compressor.

    Anyone else?