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  1. Clark Westfield

    Clark Westfield Floyd Pepper is my mentor!

    Jan 30, 2012
    Central New Jersey
    Hey there all, anybody hear of a brand of basses called Bootleg?

    My buddy has one and I have never heard of them.

    American made.

  2. devo_stevo


    Aug 2, 2006
    Northern Utah
    Builder: Brumbaugh Guitarworks
  3. Clark Westfield

    Clark Westfield Floyd Pepper is my mentor!

    Jan 30, 2012
    Central New Jersey

    Thanks for taking this seriously.

    This guy is charging real money for these basses, just curious if anyone has any experience with this brand.
  4. Porce


    Apr 14, 2007
    Aurora, OH
    Friendly Warning to potential Bootleg Customers - Avoid doing any business with Bootleg Guitars.

    My Bootleg experience: BUYER BEWARE – I paid for a bass guitar 2 ½ years ago and Jon refuses to finish it or give me my money back. About 4yrs ago I bought Jon’s top of the line Huntington Bass. Nothing like the advertised bass or what he said he would build for me. When he finished it and gave it to me there were more than a few issues with it. Firstly, the bass nut wasn’t even glued on, fell right off when I was changing strings, less than a week after purchase. Each pickup had only one screw mounting it, as for the other pickup screw wholes, well they weren’t even drilled yet. He put bubble wrap packing behind the pickups in place of foam. The bass has file marks all over the body, because it wasn’t sanded. The pan pot was wired backwards. I’ve had to take my bass to Jon several times for electrical wiring issues. The fret board cracked. He put different hardware (i.e. bridge and tuning machine heads) on the bass then what was advertised. The bass didn’t have strap buttons mounted on it. He didn’t give me a case until I asked and then he gave me an old beat-up case, but said he get me a new one, never did… Check with the BBB to see what other have to say about Bootleg Guitars. I would stay away from Bootleg at all costs and go with someone reputable. You will not get what is advertised. You will get a pile of excuses from the owner!
  5. JakoCLE


    Oct 23, 2010
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Buy a Carvin (now Kiesel) custom shop instead. This guy promised me a bass in 4 weeks and it was 14 before I got it. 25 weeks later I got a refund for the case because he kept delaying that. Poor to zero communication, ignoring me half the time. He only responded because a good friend of ours intervened and got on his case. He just makes lame excuses.
  6. NYCBass

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    Dec 22, 2006
    Queens NY
    Not to say that any of the other comments are not true but I had a completely different experience whit a bass I got from Jon at Bootleg Guitars. The Bass did take a little longer then expected but I have always run into that situation whenever I’ve had a bass made. The Bass I got from Jim is impeccable in every way, tone, playability and look. I got my Bass a little over 2 years ago and all I’ve done to it is changes the strings and adjustments to the rod. Just thought to put my experience to the thread.

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  7. B-Mac

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    Owned and operated by luthier Jon Hill

    He started at Dean around 2008-2009 after Dean Zelinsky left.

    He created the Dean Hillsboro at Dean

    I own the Hillsboro USA prototype he made for the 2009 NAMM show to see what reaction Dean would get to justify starting production in 2010

    Never played a Bootleg but if it’s like the prototype I own it should be awesome

    I believe Jon Hill left Dean in 2013 or 2014 and started Bootleg Guitars
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