Boss Adaptive Distortion DA-2

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  1. Ok, so Long & McQuade has these on sale for under $90 right now. I was in my local store trying out an MXR Bass Octave Deluxe that I had ordered in and wanted to pair it with a distortion to see what kind of Muse-ish tones I could get out of it.

    I paired it with a Sparkledrive Mod, a TS9, a TS808, a Big Muff, a Bass Muff, a Double Muff, a Boss Bass Overdrive, and an EHX Metal Muff, and a couple others I can't remember the name of...

    Out of all the pedals I tried, the Sparkledrive Mod was the best, and then I saw the DA-2 on sale so tried it. WOW. You want to talk clear distortion that leaves your bass present & pairs well with an octave pedal? This thing is awesome!

    I run the level at about 10:00, Low at 3:00, High at 9:30, Distortion at 10:00 and this thing kills. I was playing any Muse song I could think of, some Big Data, Metallica. It was great. Clear, defined, distorted and still had all the bass I wanted!

    Couldn't be happier with this pedal, especially considering it was $30 off!

    One thing of note is that there is only 1 video on the web where a bass is played through this and it's only for like 15 seconds. -_- I'm glad I was able to go hands on & not just write it off out of spite. lol

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    I did hear how this pedal sounded on bass from that one clip. it sounded pretty cool. and like you said, it does have a clear distorted sound. it kinda reminded me of the digitech hardwire sc-2 valve distortion pedal. that pedal has a clear distorted sound as well. it has a toggle switch that has a crunch and saturated. I like how it sounds on crunch mode. saturated is more suitable for solos. here's a clip of the hardwire valve distortion demoed on bass.