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Boss Bass Overdrive

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ImNotGeddyLee, May 9, 2001.

  1. i was just wondering what you guys set your dials too. I want to get a decent light overdrive but cant seem to find exactly what i like in that department. I love the heavier distortion too but i would like something similiar to Les Claypools distortion or any other light, less noticable overdrive.
  2. Actually, this pedal should be called as 'Bass Distortion' as it's quite raunchy and definitely not subtle! I like it very much for testosterone soaked chainsaw tones, but for a light overdrive, I've decided to buy some other pedal...

    Of course, you can get a softer sound by cutting the highs down, but after that your chances to be heard over a loud guitarist with a crunchy tone are somewhat shriveled.
  3. whenever i use my OBD-3, i try to get the heaviest, rawest tone i can get, so i dunno if i can help ya there. i usually have it on the HeavyDrive setting, (which is shown on the owners manual how to achieve it) but i kick the Balance more to OD side.
  4. Gain...max
    Balance...3/4 toward OD
    EQ....low at 12 o clock, roll back on the high a bit
    Level...to match the volume of my bass at the time

    It gets it good and distorted but you can still tell what Im playing.
  5. Volume 10 o'clock
    EQ low 12 o'clock
    EQ high 1 o'clock
    Balance 9 o'clock
    Gain 1 o'clock

    Keeping the balance fairly "dry" will spare your low end. Crank up the gain for more cutting edge. Crack up the high EQ for more roaring. Switch off the tweeter in your cab (if you have it).

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