SOLD Boss BC-1X Compressor

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    Boss BC-1X Compressor

    $140 shipped obo
    In like new condition with box and paperwork. Velcro on bottom.
    Great compressor. Check the OvniLab review here.
    IMG_20180129_092144.jpg IMG_20180129_091818.jpg IMG_20180129_091826.jpg IMG_20180129_091826.jpg IMG_20180129_092143.jpg IMG_20180129_092113.jpg IMG_20180129_092117.jpg IMG_20180129_092102.jpg IMG_20180129_092043.jpg IMG_20180129_092110.jpg

    EBS Octabass SOLD
    $90 shipped obo

    True bypass edition in good shape, with dings and shown in photos. Velcro on bottom is attached to tape that's easily removable. With box and paperwork.
    IMG_20180129_091001.jpg IMG_20180129_091005.jpg IMG_20180129_091009.jpg IMG_20180129_091302.jpg

    TC Ditto
    $55 shipped obo

    In good shape. No Velcro, no box.

    IMG_20180129_092702.jpg IMG_20180129_092853.jpg IMG_20180129_092713.jpg IMG_20180129_092717.jpg IMG_20180129_092706.jpg IMG_20180129_092709.jpg
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