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  1. Hey all,

    I recently purchased the new BOSS BC-1X bass comp to get a little more definition & clarity from my Ibanez SRFF805 (I was coming from years of playing an EBMM Stinray 5) and have been super happy with it in rehearsal, small clubs and (most importantly) larger venues with big front of house sound & subwoofers.

    Very happy with the pedal,.......... but I found it very difficult to see where the knobs were with a quick glance on stage lighting. Chrome knobs with a little white dot on a chrome background just doesn't scream "contrast".

    I never had a problem with my old trusty BOSS LMB-3, with the black knobs with white lines on a black background.

    So I tried to swap the knobs but unfortunately the shaft of the pots is different and they wouldn't fit - my LMB-3 is probably 10 to 15 years old I imagine.

    So I looked at my relatively new (3 to 5 years) BOSS OC-3 and voila, the knobs swapped easily. Pictures attached. I'm loving the clarity and hope this will make a huge differnce under stage lighting.

    Now to get replacement knobs for the OC-3. ;) Hope this helps someone, Benner

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    I would just leave the knobs on the OC-3. It’s fun to be different. :hyper:
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