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boss BR-532 and BR-8

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by Muttluk, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. Just everything about it, what do you know, any experiance, did you like it, did you hate it, whats it comparable to?

    If you own it... What type of monitors do you use, How do you go about using it (recording, what tracks do you do for what, how much bouncing do you do, does it restrict you from doing what you want to do), do you use anything else with it, and finaly how do you get it off the thing (i knwo of many different ways, i just want to know how you personaly chose to use it, such as into yoru computer, into a tape deck, ect.)

    and Finally, does anyone have a manual online that they can give me a link for, and/or in PDF format?

    I realize previously these threads about them havnt been successful, but i'm hoping for good luck :)
  2. I have a BR8. Its a fun toy. The COSM amp simulator things are awesome.
    To be useful for real recording though it needs more inputs and needs to be able to record more than two tracks at a time.
  3. For now, i think the recording 2 at a time will work for me. I figure if i want to record more than just me messing around, i'll buy a 8 track mixer (can be gotten for about $150), and use that, although, i'll have to record it all to one track... i figure that it'll do.
  4. One thing on it that I've just recently figured out all the advantages of is the built in rhythm unit. If you use it the read out gives you actual measures as opposed to time so its a little easier to go back and fix things. Also (I don't use it for this) if you have a midi drum machine you can sync the two together.

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