BOSS CS-3 noise question ~

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Joe Louvar, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. A few weeks ago I bought a used/secondhand BOSS CS-3, and recently I bought a BOSS model ACA120 power wart/supply for it. The CS-3 compressor/sustainer is quiet when operating on battery power - however, its really noisy when powering with the ACA120 power supply.

    My question: Is this normal, or is it possible I bought a defective CS-3?

  2. Hmm. 55 Views. Doesn't anyone know?

    Also is there another compressor/sustainer that sounds like the BOSS CS-3, but that's quieter when operating on its power supply - and maybe in a tiny 5090A size?
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    If you are happy with the pedal on battery, then I suggest trying other power supplies.

  4. Hmm the BOSS ACA-120 power wart is recommend by BOSS and its works okay (quiet) with my other BOSS effects - but okay, I'll take it to a music store and try some other power supplies. Thanks Frank

    Does anyone have a BOSS CS-3 that you can test to see if your CS-3 does the same thing or not? Thanks
  5. mine was kinda noisy stock w/ battery or power supply, so i got the MA mod done on it which eliminated that problem.

    might be a bum wall wart. mine worked fine with PP2+ & BBE Supacharger. might try a Onespot.