boss ge-10...anyone ever used one?

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  1. hi,
    i am thinking of buying one of these..well i am going to because i can get it for $60 australian..second hand from the shop here.

    i walked into the shop and saw this old rocket sitting on the floor, its on consignment..
    i asked if i could take it home to test it, and was pretty impressed with it...its a little noisy, and clips with my active atk bass..but only if i have everything up full...
    but if i run it in the effects loop on my pre-amp it doesn't distort nearly as much..its not really a pedal but its not a rack unit...just a stand alone has a jack for a remote pedal so that will be very handy...and its pretty old..i think it was made in the 70's

    i was just curious as to if anyone has used one...what did they think, and what are some eq settings for it??
    i looked on ebay, and there was one in the us and they wanted $150 us for i think i am getting a good bargain for it..
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    Looks funky alright, if you're into vintage stuff, but I'd save my money and buy something that works too. An EQ that is noisy and clips? Nah...

    IMHO and YMMV of course.
  3. yeah u may be right..i havn't used a graphic eq qith my new amp..but it did sound good..what i was looking for, and its cheap here for the new boss pedal its would probaly be $200 or more... and this has 10 bands..but yeah the clipping is a bit of a set back...but if i have my mids flat on my bass, it won't clip...its jsut not made for an active bass i spose..