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  1. I'm selling my Boss GEB-7 Bass EQ Pedal because I really just do not have the use for it anymore. It works very well and is surprisingly quiet... even for just boosting your normal tone. The only thing wrong is that it is missing one of the stupid little white slider covers... this has been like this since i bought it and it does NOT affect the operation of the pedal whatsoever (you can probably just gank one off of a display pedal at Guitar Center;)). I used it only once or twice at practice and it was never gigged. These go for $80 on musiciansfriend.com and im trying to get $50 or best offer before it goes off to ebay. Post or e-mail me: cjs2112@cox.net :)
  2. *BUMP*
    last one i swear...
    c'mon people i dont want to deal with the hassles of ebay... ;)