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Boss GT6B out the door....but what now?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Rhythmbug, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Rhythmbug


    Jan 22, 2006
    London UK
    Hi guys

    I am selling my Boss GT6B for various reasons.... mainly because of the size and a preference to use individual effects.

    Already have a couple of stand alone units but I need something to replace the whammy, delay and reverb.
    The whammy effect was my fav effect on the GT6B so I'm kinda p*ssed there's nothing really else on the market from my searching thus far. The digitech ones seem nearly impossible to source and very expensive, is there anything else out there? What do the normal guitar ones work like on bass?

    For the delay I am leaning towards the line 6 echo park or the soon to be released marshall echohead. It has to have tap tempo. Price is ok but don't want to go any higher than this.

    For reverb I'm leaning towards EBS dynaverb but its pretty pricey at around $220 US.

    Does anyone have any opinion on my choices as I don't have the opportunity to "play around with them at the local store" unfortunately. Cheers
  2. Hey Rhythmbug,
    Why did you sell it? I've had several myself. I would play around with it and get irritated because I could never get a preamp setting that didn't overload.Then I would sell it on ebay. I just sold my Line 6 BAss Pod XT Live. Pretty good unit.The amp models are great.But I think I'm looking for a "real" amp currently.
  3. Rhythmbug


    Jan 22, 2006
    London UK
    Not sold yet, probably going on ebay next week.
    Yeah the preamp settings aren't very user friendly, there was only a few types that didn't hiss and distort.
    I'm just a bit over multi-effects units.....they may be good allrounders but they don't really excel in specific areas. The synth & wah on the GT6b are just cheap imitations compared to my Crybaby and deep impact. And its is big...too big for someone that only uses a few of the features, and I'm travelling soon so it has to go.

    For amp modelling i was going to suggest native instruments guitar rig software, but that's if your into digital.
    also the sansamp bassdriver DI can get some pretty meaty amp tones, mine is auctioning on ebay right now.