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Boss LMB-3 (limiter/enhancer)

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by airrore, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. airrore


    Aug 10, 2005
    Dayton, Ohio
    Anyone have any experience with this pedal? I finally went into serious personal debt (along with... college...) to upgrade my rig (fender bassman 300/Ampeg SVT-410HE) I've had one (LMB-3) for a while and it seems to ruin my tone, but I find that the pedal might have some application for the style that I play. I play fingered mostly but I tug hard (read: sloppy :p) at the strings, which also seems to have adverse effect on my tone as well I've tweaked it but I get too easily frustrated with as I'm not telling a whole lot of difference.

    Does anyone have any setting recommendations for someone who plays hard on this pedal? (not in style, but physically) I'd really appreciate it.

    Also of note: It's the only pedal I currently use, but i'm considering picking up a SparkleDrive and a analog delay at some point.
  2. I forget where I found these notes on the Boss pedal, but I saved them for future reference...

    "Jan 8, 2005 - If you understand how a limiter works, those controls are straightforward. Set the Threshold knob to a level where you want volume peaks to be dampened (you may need to experiment). Then set how strong you want your limiting. A 1:1 (full left) on the Ratio knob is no limiting, while infinity:1 (full right) means that, once the volume hits your threshold, the volume isn't damped, but shelved; it never gets any louder.
    Enhance is a simple knob that noticeably changes your bass tone, but understanding it requires a bit more background. Essentially, it boosts selected harmonic overtones, so that a muddy or sloppy bass tone becomes crisper, with more oomph at the bottom end. You can just turn the knob till you get a sound you like, which I find is in the 9-o'clock to noon range on the dial.

    The limiter is subtle and does just what it should. If you set the Threshold low and crank up the Ratio, the sound can get a little wobbly as it tries to keep up with the peaks, but at any normal setting it does what it's supposed to do. The enhancer works well too, but if you turn it much past 2-o'clock, it starts to get hissy as it brings out high-level overtones and the associated static. It could use a limiter indicator light for when it's damping peaks, but otherwise it works great at all but the most extreme settings.

    Overall, it helps crisp up my single 15" speaker (without tweeter) on the combo amp, and reduces sloppy sounds from too many dynamics. I run it through my amp's effects loop, not inline with my bass input, and I put it at the end of the effects chain to even out any sound bumpiness that gets introduced. I'm not a particularly good bass player, so I need what help I can get. The LMB-3 does it for me."

    Might be a good starting spot..