Boss LS-2 Pedal questions

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm considering this pedal but I'm not sure if it does what I'm looking to do. Basically, I want to use it with my VT Bass pedal and blend my bass's dry signal with the VT and send that to the amp.

    Is this possible? If so, how would I connect it? I have done a lot of searching on this pedal and have downloaded the manual and read it many times. I'm kind of a dummy with anything other than bass into amp so if anyone can offer advice, It would be much appreciated.

  2. pantherairsoft


    Apr 22, 2009
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    Put the VT on one loop and nothing in the other (when nothing's in the loop it connects input to output). Set the pedal to the AB Mix mode. Done! The 2 knobs on the LS-2 will set the gain of the 2 loops (VT and Clean).

  3. thanks for the tip, i have one on the way.
    i'll be using mine to stack a couple dirt pedals, nice to know there are other options with it.
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  4. Download the manual, this lil guy is an extremely versatile tool...
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  5. yaksonator


    Apr 16, 2011
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  6. Thanks for the help, pantherairsoft! I'm now off the fence and I'll be ordering one today!

    So, how many cables (patch chords) will I need?
  7. and again
  8. pantherairsoft


    Apr 22, 2009
    Derby, UK
    You'll need 2 cables for the VT (assuming nothing else goes in the loop with it) and then your usual connections. So...

    Each '->' is a cable/patch lead...

    Bass -> Input of LS2
    LS2 Loop 1 Send -> Input of VT
    Output of VT -> LS2 Loop 1 Return
    LS2 Loop 2 left empty
    Output of LS2 -> Amp

    As mentioned, read the manual... It explains a lot. For ease, here it is...

    This application guide is also good for ideas...
  9. To blend a dirt with your clean using the LS-2, you'll need 2 patch cables to create Loop A (from LS-2 SEND A to Dirt IN, then Dirt OUT to LS-2 RETURN A).

    Then, obviously, run your signal from the bass to the main Input on the LS-2 and one from the Out to the amp (or the next pedal in your chain).
  10. Pantherairsoft replied before me, and his description is a bit cleaner and easier to read than mine!
  11. Thanks again everyone. This helps a lot.
  12. Nno Mar

    Nno Mar

    May 4, 2012
    Guys, I play bass in a band, but also baritone guitar in some songs. When I play the guitar, I'd like to use the same FXs, but a different amp.

    Would it be possible to do this with an LS??

    I think the chain would go

    bass on return A
    Baritone Guitar on return B
    output to pedalboard
    end of pedalboard to input
    send A to Bass amp
    send B to Guitar amp

    Would this work?
  13. Yes I believe it would. If you run it in A<>B mode that should work perfectly.
  14. Nno Mar

    Nno Mar

    May 4, 2012
  15. I don't actually own a LS2. I am confident the routing will work, but on further reflection it's possible that the LS2 won't switch both the sends and returns. If you can confirm that it does it will work fine.
  16. spufman


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    The LS-2 will do the 2 guitar/amp thing, yes. It's such a cool pedal. It's indispensable with my looper, where I can route 3 inputs, match their levels (well, match 2 to the 1 straight input) and switch among them into the looper. Fun!
  17. Hi guys, I'm reviving this zombie thread because I've got new questions (maybe)

    I've got my Ampeg SCR-DI for my solid "bass" sound.
    I've got my Tech 21 VT Bass DI to mix some dirt or growl or "hair" with that.

    This mixed signal will either go into an amp (set flat) or recording console.

    How can I achieve this with the Boss LS-2 pedal?
  18. Ba55Man1ac

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    Apr 22, 2004
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    SCR > loop 1 return
    VT > loop 2 return
    Dummy plug in input

    Or just use SCR > VT & use the blend on the VTDI.
  19. Thanks for your reply.

    Don't I need to plug anything into the sends?
    Also, my bass goes into the input and another cable goes output to the amp?

    I tried the scr>vt buy it got kind of messy. The blend wasn't clean enough imo so that's why I want to use the ls-2.
  20. gfen


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    based on what he said, I'd go Bass->SCR->Input, put the VT in loop A and leave loop B empty.
    With the LS2 off, you get straight SCR sound. With the LS2 on, you're mixing in your VT in with the SCR. Adjust the levels according to taste.
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