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  1. Case Funk

    Case Funk

    May 30, 2016
    Willamette Valley Music Company
    I ordered this unit a few months ago, there are a lot of things I really like about it but ai noticed a drawback on a function I was looking forward to.

    Any of the transpose functions seem to lag behind my playing, granted it isn't a huge lag, but it is enough to render it useless in a professional setting. Is this just a quirk of the design or do you guys think my ME-50B is faulty?
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  2. There are plenty of quirks of the ME-50B, I've owned mine for more than 5 years now.
    • Great Compression
    I can never get enough of the great compression on the ME-50B, the options are limited but they get the job done.
    • EQ-Settings are satisfactory:
    Any modern EQ system usually have a minimum of four knobs (low, mid-low, mid-high and high) so that you can get all the tones you want, but with the ME-50B you only have three. BUT the cool thing is that you can change the mid freq. and adjust the level using the mid-knob... now that to me is pretty cool and you can use to get different tones with your distorted/over-driven bass and of course with your clean bass.
    • There are some decent filters on there
    Not really anything I can say about that, except that I wish I had more control over the filter-options
    • No need for noise with the awesome noise-gate
    This was a personal favorite feature of mine since I had a very crummy bass which made a lot of noise when plugged in, but when plugged in with the ME-50B, the sound was reduced to a very tolerable freq. you may lose some brightness though
    • Battery powered
    This is when you don't want a third cable coming out of your pedal, and you just want to simply rock with less constrictions. stumbling over your ME-50B won't lead to the whole performance collapsing because you tripped over the power chord, nope, not with a battery power back-up!
    • The volume pedal does the job
    I can't really say much more about that, it just does.

    Personal Negatives:
    • The low pass on the wah-effect is ridiculous:
    Turn on the wah-pedal and bring it to a stand: you will get this very thick sound that usually kicks in the compressor on my bass amp because it was horribly made! I usually have to stick a piece of paper under the pedal so that I don't reach that peak of doom!
    • The E-Level on the drive pedal is going to ruin your live performance if you don't check it before hand:
    This E-level is going to rape your amps if you have blasted on full. Now I know one can simply not turn on the E-level knob to high, but if there was shifting going around that you were not aware of...
    Take it from my experience, always double check that E-knob before you switch on the drive pedal on-stage.
    • All the drive effects are poopie:
    Some people like it but I hate them all... they just sound poopy to me.
    • Octaver-effects do not work with more than one note:
    Not only can you NOT play chords with the octaver on, but you have to make sure that your bass doesn't bleed as well!
    • Delay/modulation are okay but with very limited modification
    I think this is very self-explanatory
    This destroyed me! I couldn't add delay and reverb together! This becomes very quickly a nuisance
    • Switching the knob mid session causes this horrible kill-switch action:
    If you like to have a kill-switch on stage, then just turn any of the knobs and they'll do that for you... but if you are mid-song and you want to change the effect... you're going to have a bad time
    • latency with the ocatver pedals
    If you switch on the pedal and select an octaver option (+1/-1 octave) you're going to notice some latency
    • If the battery is low on your pedal the only thing you'll see on the indicator is (b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.):
    I KNOW THE BATTERY IS LOW, PLEASE LET ME TUNE MY BASS THOUGH!!!! (this has happened way too often)

    I can write a lot more, but if you have anymore questions, just let me know :)
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  3. If you're interested in hearing how the ME-50B sounds in a mix, I can recommend an old video of mine to watch: (skip to 1:30)

    I used an octave up effect with reverb to create the effect in the intro
  4. jumblemind

    jumblemind I also answer to Bryan Supporting Member

    Aug 27, 2011
    Transpose isn't the greatest, particularly since this is aimed at guitar. The octave up and down stuff can be okay if you stack them with compression beforehand and/or other models to help tailor the sound. If you were looking for the Zoom to play downtuned songs with a quick switch, it won't work for that. The digitech drop and EHX pitchfork are much better at that.
  5. Greyplaysmusic


    Mar 2, 2016
    I owned and still have the me50b. It was my first big pedal purchase and my only pedal for 3 years. The thing is great, I still can't find a wah that captures the sweep this thing has. For a long time I would us the octave shift up and reverb/chorus coupled with the metal distortion. Blew some guitarists away. In a jam with a band the latency is barely noticeable to anyone who isn't you. That being said I do have a Digitech whammy now...