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Boss ME-50B Questions

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by phillm47, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. I think I've read most of the threads here on this unit, but still have a couple of questions. I have not had an opportunity to demo a Boss ME-50B. Most likely if i decide to go with one it would be mail order with a return option.

    I currently have an Aphex Punch Factory pedal compressor that I'm very satisfied with. Easy to setup with db meter, very muscial. I use a passive jazz with this compressor and typically set the Drive to "4" and the level to "7" (unity gain. How do the compressors in the Boss ME-50B compare to the Aphex Punch Factory?

    I have also recently been on the search for a half-way decent envelope filter. I chose a Digitech BSW over na MXR M-188 Auto Q due to the blendable effect out on the envelope effect (setting 1). It just seems to wotk better for my playing style. Next question is...how does the envelope ot T-wah effect on the Boss ME-50B compare to the Digitech BSW, or how is it general?

    The Boss ME-50B is looking like a easy, slick alternative for me now that I have two pedals that get used sparingly, plus a compressor pedal that gets used quite abit. Allot of the effects that the Boss unit offers isn't a big deal to me - but a good (great) compressor and a usable funk effect are important to me. My current band requires switching from finger funk to slap pretty much song by song. Thanks folks!
  2. winston


    May 2, 2000
    Berkeley, CA
    I have both a DigiTech BSW and an ME-50B--they're my quick & dirty jam rig (sometimes augmented with a DigiTech JamMan). The BassSynthWah doesn't have the most exciting envelope filter sound, but the clean blend is handy and the octave tone/tracking are stellar. The talker/synth FX are fun--I've definitely freaked some people out with them.

    I like the T-wah FX on the Boss--there are Up, Down, and Edge modes that cover a good amount of ground. They're not as wet or crazy as analog filters (I'm particularly fond of the Ibanez/Maxon AF-9) but they're fun and funky. There's not a control in the filter section for clean blend, but I haven't found myself needing one.

    Compressor-wise, the Boss is OK. I've spent a lot of time to get the sound I want from my hands so I don't need a compressor to even me out. It is fun to use as a special effect. It is very hard to know exactly what's going on compression-wise without any sort of metering--even a single multi-color LED would help.

    I have analog Boss chorus (CE-2), flanger (BF-2), octave (0C-2) and phaser pedals (PH-2), I used to have their analog delay, I've used a lot of their distortions and digital delays. I'm not gonna tell you the ME-50B's FX sound exactly like either Boss' individual pedals (the flanger in particular pales compared to the BF-2) OR the other pedals it models (Dyna-Comp, Big Muff, SansAmp BDDI).

    I will tell you that the FX on the ME-50B have given me many hours of fun and have inspired me to create cool new sounds. I've even found uses for the Synth section which is almost universally reviled! I don't think it's the ultimate do-it-all box, but it's a useful addition to my rig that does a lot of things well. I still use the BSW for its octaver because you can't do octave and envelope together on the Boss--they're both in the Filter section.