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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Ianhin, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Ianhin

    Ianhin Banned

    Mar 1, 2015
    South Africa
    So i took the plunge and entered the world of bass effects, and im so happy i did. So far im getting a lot of use of the foll effects:
    Compressors (especially the D Comp using sustain) IT RINGS TOO THE MOON AND BACK. More sustain than anyone could possibly need. Very nice for songs like Lana Del Reys - Blue Jeans, where i dont like the note to die off too quickly. It does tend to swell too much if not tweaked prop. Also the Natural comp.
    Bottom boost
    Mid Shape
    Muff fuzz, and Distortion
    Flanger, Chorus, Chorus + Reverb
    Expression pedal - minus 1 octave and + 1 octave, and resonance.
    The synth sounds are not nice.
    For recording, i use all of those and a few more.
    The 4 way EQ is also very handy.
    But, like most multi effects pedals a whole lot will hardly ever get used.
    I picked it up 2nd hand for about 1/4 of the price of a new one so that sweetened the deal.
    It does suck a bit that u have to buy a seperate on/off swith to turn the compressors on and off.
    I haven't used the delays live yet and so far dont find a need to.
    The volume pedal is very handy too, as is the tuner.
    I did find that contrary to popular belief, using it in the effects loop of my little Hartke A35 didn't sound as good as plugging my bass directly into the BOSS and then running the Output L (mono) to my amp - strange - it should be the other way aound?
    Also when u use it in the effects loop, u loose the volume pedal - not good. So u have to turn the amp vol off when tuning and the mute the PA channel im DI ing into. Too much hassle so i plug straight into the BOSS.
    It would be great if u could go straight into the pa from the left and right out, then u would really get the stereo effect of things like chorus, but then u loose the output to the amp. I need to look into that but i cant see how its possible. I d need a stereo bass amp with L and R in, and L and R outs (DI) from the amp to the desk.
    I dont use effects a whole lot when live, so havent yet found the need for seperate bank switches.
    It s a great pedal, doesnt suck ur tone, and is easy to use and program. Typically, the manual isnt overly clear about editing and creating patches, but its pretty simple to work out.
    U can really get some great tones and sounds out of this pedal, but it takes some time and a bit of tweaking here and there but its worth the effort. Especially effects like the flanger, u need to play with that a bit.
    I cant see the need to replace this in a long time so im happy with my purchase.
    I never thought id need or enjoy a multi effects pedal - now, i can't be without it!
    Edit: When in memory mode u can program it to turn the compressors on or off and then the patch ure using will turn the comp s on or off even when theyre off
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2016
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  2. jjmf

    jjmf Supporting Member

    Oct 28, 2012
    Edmonton AB Canada
    I've got one I love as well ! very handy and versatile!

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