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  1. SOLD
    Great unit. I just can't get into effects on bass. I like it when others do it... just not me.

    I spent about 2 hours total tinkering with this thing. It's just like new. I'll put it all back in the original packaging, and pay shipping to you inside the U.S. I'll even include the brand new Boss power adapter (cost me $20.00)

    Everything works great, and it is by far the best effects unit I've seen.... I just don't think I'll ever use it. Shipped, with adapter, and brand new batteries, warranty card, manuals, everything it came with... $275.00 (paypal = $280)

    Would consider trades... and would also combine this with the SVT-4Pro I have listed for sale. Buy both, or trade for both, and get a better deal.

    possible trades would be lined fretless5, nice 2x10 or 1x12 cabs.
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