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Boss ME-8B thoughts:

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by thejohnkim, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. thejohnkim


    Sep 30, 2003
    Just wanted to share what I thought of this unit now that i've been messing with it for a 'short while' (hehe)

    So this unit has the boss overdrive, distortion, high band distortion, fuzz and high band fuzz. none of these are touch sensitive so you get that constant drive at all volumes. some like that, i don't. i'm used to the natural break-up of tubes being pushed from having and really likeing an SWR IOD, and the sound i get from cranking the gain on my aggie db659.

    compressor, eq - dont use it. i used to use a dbx compressor, but decided to simplify. my preamp's eq and bass onboard stuff is all i need. the compressor sounds usable though, just didnt spend time with it

    octaver - not good. after having owned a Digitech BSW, this just doesnt cut it. it sounds weird, is slow, and does not do double stops at all, which my BSW did very easily and well.

    T Wah - pretty good. i think i like the sound better than my old Dunlop 105Q, havent gotten a proper expression pedal, but using my eb volume pedal is good enough for the rare times i use wah, still have to try dirtying up the wah with my preamp's overdrive in a live situation, like i used to with my 105Q and swr iod (that sounded awesome)

    Synths - i think these live up to the hype. very good tracking, a whole ton of sounds, i like #7, and you can add that "shwish" to the sounds as well. not as "wet" as some well reviewed analog units, but for the money, these are great. warm sounding, but dry. i dont know how else to put it. too bad i only play one song once in a blue moon that uses bass synth

    humanizer - some people try to say that yo ucan get a phaser-like sound from this feature. maybe if you're looking for that vintage warble-y effect, but i personally only like that 12-stage swish-y sound for a nice ambient effect, and the humanizer doesnt really do that, i dialed it as close as i can get and it doesnt sound bad, but it just doesnt sound like a shwishing phaser like i'd like, oh well, rarely would use that anyways.

    flanger - had to dial in minimal high band distortion to get the jet-plane flanging but i got it and it sounds nice, alone it barely does anything, but unlike my old Boss BF-3 it doesnt make the original bass line sound all 'metallic' from that chorus-like effect i dont like.

    chorus, reverb, ring mod, defretter, pitch shifting, arm up trip blah blah blah - dont like these effects in any shape or form, so i actually never tried them

    delay - meh, would never use it, but i didnt get it to do nice reproductions of what i was playing. but didnt try either.

    misc: the ctrl pedal is pretty useful as a tap tempo for effects that require a rate setting like the flanger, i use my eb volume pedal as an expression pedal, and for most of my patches i use it as a volume pedal anyways, pretty cool as using it this way takes it out of the signal path. finally 50% of the reason why i bought this is to use it as a haedphone practice amp, making it a nice value for me since i see a lot of these effects as only costing me like $60 total, which is the cost of a single used pedal

    if the Bos ME-50b was cheaper, it would've been in my consideration just so I could use the better OD/Dist, along with the similar headphone amp, phaser, flanger, wah and delay, but jsut didnt seem to justify the jump in cost....unless i also sold off my volume pedal. hmmmmm :eyebrow:

    in any case, i'm pretty satisfied with this, i should give it a month or so to see how useful this is to me, since i rarely use effects anyways
  2. Basstyra

    Basstyra Commercial User

    Apr 3, 2005
    CTO @ Two notes Audio Engineering
    I have one home right now. Good unit, yes. The Synth filters (#7, yeah... :cool: I love #5 too) are the best thing in there.

    It's smartly done, with the ctrl switch, the possibility to add dry sound to almost all the effects.

    But there is too much lack. Where is the phaser ?? Tremolo, vibrato ? Ring Mod ? Pitch shifter ? There are some, but not really in a usable form.

    If there were thoses effects, it would have been a must have.
  3. andruca


    Mar 31, 2004
    Madrid (Spain)
    By the way, try doing the synth and wah things you do with your ME-8B with a newer GT-6B. That's the reason why I sold the GT-6B and got back to the good old ME-8B. Never letting her go again! The synths and wahs on the GT-6B SUCK BIG TIME!