Boss ME20B or Digitech BP355

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    Jan 20, 2014
    Boss and Digitech. They have similar features. I have an Ibanez fretless bass and a small Fender amp. I only play and record in my home studio. The sounds I need are: Chorus, Delay, Octave, and Compression. I was considering a Tech 21 Bass Chorus, that has a great sound, but I need other effects also. The Boss ME20B looks great, but if you use Chorus and delay at the same time, the chorus adjustment is limited?? I will probably use Chorus and Delay all of the time.
    What I am looking for is a Chorus with a lot of adjustment, delay for good sustain and echo, octave sound sometimes, and some compression for recording, maybe a small amount of overdrive. I want to mix all of those at the same time. Is that too much or will one of these pedals do all of that at one time? Thanks.