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Boss ME50B

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bassampegman, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Does anybody have the new Boss ME50B multi f/x, i have one on order after seeing it reviewed at NAMM and it looks really impressive. I have a good rig and tone already so the ME50B will be just for adding a bit of variation to the sound like Chorus, Flanger, Octaver, etc as well as a few others.

    Has anybody out there got some good patches set up allready, i play an Ampeg SVTCL so i dont want to spoil the tone or growl i have just compliment it if i can.

    Does the ME50B in bypass change the amp / guitar tone in any way, some cheap pedals even tuners can take away some of the tone before it hits the amp.

    Im also interested in the compressor, enhancer and overdrive sounds, as well as the synth type sounds.

    Please let me know your thoughts, patches, sounds etc.

  2. The Reff

    The Reff

    Feb 11, 2004
    I've tried it once and I was impressed. Very Cool effects
  3. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    hi, welcome to talkbass!
    I have one and think it's the best floor multi-fx there's been for bass, and I've owned a bunch over the years - various zooms, digitechs, boss etc.

    I have an all-individual pedalboard I use for gigs, but I take the boss to rehearsals in the city - less hassle to schlep on the subway.

    If you do a search you'll find lots of discussion (try searching on 'me50b or me-50b') - I just did and there's three pages of threads!

    I don't have any patch settings to hand, but I'll try and dig out what I use.
  4. I've been using mine with my Lakland fretless 5 string/SWR WM 12 set up for my acoustic jazz/funk band and it's been great. I just did my first show with it in my original rock band with my Ken Smith 5 string/SWR SM 900/Yorkville cabs and it was perfect. Beautiful! I tried to set up some patches but I just wasn't used to the pedal switching, I'm more of a pedal off/on guy.

    Here were the settings:COMPRESSOR/LIMITER set to NATURAL with the THRESHOLD/LIMITER set to 3 o'clock and LEVEL set to 12 o'clock. EQ all 12 o'clock (flat) and LEVEL at 11 o'clock.

    FILTER/TONE set to T.WAH UP and all three knobs set to 1 o'clock.

    DRIVE/SYNTH set to BASS DRIVER, DRIVE/SENS set to full left (7 o'clock) and the other three knobs set to full right (5 o'clock)

    DELAY/MODULATION set to CHO+REVERB, TIME/RATE and FEEDBACK/DEPTH at 12 o'clock and E.LEVEL/RESONANCE set to 10 o'clock.

    PEDAL MODE set the SOUND HOLD to add some low rumbling while I played up high for a little song intro.

    Not many sounds that I used that night (hardly justified the ME-50B power and capabilities) but it was simple and sounded great. I played my personal best show with that band that night. I also got many great comments about the sound and that you could actually hear the bass through out the set (I tend to think that it was due to the fact that I was giving the sound man a slightly compressed signal so that I wouldn't peak his board therefore I raised my level up).

    I had the (reletively) clean boost with the BASS DRIVER settings, a great funky T.WAH used for a solo and the CHO+REVERB to spice up some spacey parts.

    Great Pedal + Great Sound = Great Night.
  5. I used my Boss ME50B at practice last night, we play rock covers. Firstly i cleared all the pre set sounds and made up patch 1 in bank 1 as a neutral by pass sound, this i copied to all 23 other patches as a starting point. I then set up 2nd patch in bank 1 with Natural Compressor, patch 3 bank 1 set with Chorus. Bank 2 patch 1 Natural Compressor, patch 2 bank 2, Natural compressor with Octave down, patch 3 bank 2 was the same as patch 2 but with Chorus added.
    I tried the mid scoop tone, sound good on its own but gets lost when the band kick in.
    I also used the Natural drive just as a slight boost.
    Tuner works well very fast and accurate.
    Quite impressed, you need the Boss FS-5 footswitch to switch from bank to bank.
  6. "you need the Boss FS-5 footswitch to switch from bank to bank."

    Well, you CAN use ANY footswitch with it...

    I use my Behringer Amp's Footswitch on it, left switch turns compression on or off in standard mode, and in memory mode left and right go Bank up or down.

    My guitarrist has the ME50 and he uses his Marshall's Footswitch though that sucks because of the stompswitches... he actually has to press them twice, whereas I my behringer footswitch works exactly like the stompers on the me50b.

    IM still exploring the me50b... its got some good effects, some are just useless in my opinion...
    something that drives me crazy is that there is no TRUE bypass on it... it always adds that LITTLE bit of "noise" though it isnt too bad.
    another thing that I've noticed, not that it bothers me as I dont use it anyway, is that the Muff effect isnt really that great. I have a separate E.H. Big Muff and it sounds MUCH better than the emulated version.
    suits me fine though, I just use that effect channel for drives other than that...

    All in all, im pleased with it.

    I would also like to see some more used effects here... cmon guys, let us know what y'all use.
    as soon as I can, Ill post some too, like I said, im still getting into it.