No longer available BOSS MO-2 Multi Overtone

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    May 24, 2006
    (Note: Final bump. Available here through 1/31/18. Check Reverb afterwards if not sold.)

    Picked up this very interesting pedal as an alternative to a POG and ended up never using it.

    BOSS MO-2.jpg

    the MO-2 is one of BOSS's new multidimensional effect pedals that incorporates Roland DSP technology. It's a very organic sounding synth type pedal that gives you a variety of chime, organ, synth and ring mod bell type sounds. And using lighter settings and some judicious blend levels, can also be used to thicken and bring out additional harmonic interest in a solo line. It's very responsive to dynamics which causes it to do different things to the source tone depending upon how you play it. Pairs very nicely with delay pedals. You can get some very atmospheric things going with that combination.

    This unit is effectively factory brand new. It's unregistered and comes with the original box and all the included paperwork. It's never been gigged or stepped on. It was taken out of the box one time, plugged in and tested for about 20 minutes, and put right back in its box.

    Questions pls PM.

    Listing will remain up on TB through 1/31/18. Local sale or goes to Reverb after that.

    $85 shipped CONUS. Paypal preferred.

    Thanks for looking! :)
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