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Boss OC-2 Sound files here!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by PanteraFan, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. I just posted my review of the OC-2 in the reviews section, should be there soon. To back that up, here's a sound file:

    Boss OC-2: Direct @ 2 o'clock, Octave 1 @ 12 o'clock, Octave 2 off.

    I don't normally set it like this, I have the Oct 1 @ 9 o'clock, but this shows the effect off better.



    P.S. Comments welcome and appreciated.
  2. you were playing schism wrong..hehe...but the pedal sounds wicked.
  3. You better go and tell the guys at Bass Player magazine that their transcribing sucks then, cos that's where I got the notes from.
  4. It sounds to rigid, and too deep...but that just may be the octave pedal.

    its goes something like this.

    G: --------10--9------------10--9--12-
    D: 0^10^12--0--0-0^10^12---0--0---0

    then when its played lower it goes onto A and D.
  5. I play it that way, but I'm tuned to DGCF.
  6. Also this:

    G ---------9-7------------9-7-10-
    D 0^10^12-0-0--0^10^12-0-0--0-

    ;) The timing must be locked in just right as well.
    The proper tab you can find on this site.
  7. yeah, there's about 50 different lines in that song,..,..well not 50..but you know.

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