Boss OC-3 & ODB-3: Both for $125 shipped CONUS

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  1. Hi Folks,

    Two Boss pedals for sale:

    OC-3 Super Octave - - - - $75

    ODB-3 Bass Overdrive - - - $65

    Better yet, buy both and save! - - $125

    Both pedals are in excellent condition. They were purchased new roughly four years ago, and used on one gig. Since then they've been sitting on a shelf in the closet. FYI, the best pricing I could find online (Guitar Center, Sweetwater, and Musician's Friend) for new models is $129 for the OC-3, and $109 for the ODB-3. These pics taken right before this posting.



    Terms: Payment via PayPal - $75 for the OC-3 Octave pedal, $65 for the ODB-3 Overdrive pedal, or $125 for both. Price includes CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

    FWIW, I'm also selling some Lava Clear Connect cables, listed here:$90-946066/

    I'd love to put both pedals and all four cables in one box - $195 gets you everything, PayPal/USPS Priority, same as above.

    Thanks for your time and happy shopping!
  2. Bumparoni...
  3. Bumping, in case price is an issue (as opposed to just no interest...).

    OC-3 = $65.

    ODB -3 = $55.

    Both = $110.

    If you also buy the Lava cables from the linked thread, let's call it $160.

    All prices include CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Help me get these out of the house!
  4. FYI....cables have sold, so now I'm down to two pedals that need a home. Special both for $95, shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail.
  5. Sold....thanks for shopping!

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