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boss overdrive through effect loop?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by lyle, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. lyle

    lyle Guest

    Jan 10, 2004
    Vernon, B.C. Canada
    Can I run my overdrive through my effect loop on my yorkville bass master. I've never used my effect loop before and really don't know how it works. Can some one explain all this for me please?


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    Not a good idea at all, you'll fry it. You should never run any boost through the fx loop, only time change fx(delay/chorus etc.)...


    PS: If you want to use the power section only of the amp(if it has one), use the return port only(IIRC) with a pre-amp boosted signal, which will utilize only power for cabs & bypass the eq of the same amp...
  3. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    I don't know if devilman is right. if the voltage output of the pedal is more than the fx loop or input on the amp can take, you run a risk of hurting something.

    As long as the output voltage of your pedal is less than 1.5 volts, I think, it should be fine. BUT if you are running in the 'overdrive' mode it will be hard to tell when legitimate 'overdrive' distortion ends and overload (when the voltage goes over the voltage of the fx loop) starts. if the overdrive has a volume output control start at minimum, in the fx loop, slowly turn up the pedal output with the overdrive "on", have the amp volume at a low to moderate level, slowly keep turning up the pedal output until the 'overdrive' effect changes, instead of just getting louder, THEN turn the pedal down about a 1/8 turn. it should be safe to run it around there.

    Double check the technical specs on the amp and pedal. specifically the voltage on the loop, input, and pedal outputs.

    I'll try and look this up too...what brand of pedal are you using??? model number?
  4. billfitzmaurice

    billfitzmaurice Commercial User

    Sep 15, 2004
    New Hampshire
    Owner, Bill Fitzmaurice Loudspeaker Design
    Is it a rack effect? Then yes. Is it a pedal? Then no.


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY

    Did you actually read or understand the original post? Have you ever ran an od/dist pedal through an fx loop? Seems to me you didn't...

    IF you run BOOST through 99.9% of fx loops, s**t fries, the end...
    An overdrive/distortion pedal has tons of boost compared to a time delayed effect(hence the distortion) & will NOT work in an fx loop as compared to the front of an amp which is buffered...

  6. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    I trust you D-Man... and you just managed to scare the s**t outta me... on Christmas Eve to boot... :rolleyes:

    You see... I never heard that, and I did run my DigiTech Overdrive pedal through the fx loop on my DB750... sounded like s**t, too! I can't really tell if I've done any damage... I've not run this pedal through the loop again, 'cuz it sounded like ka-ka, and now that I've read your post, I shan't do it ever... 'cuz I believe you.

    What about a compressor pedal? Would that be okay through the fx loop?

    Also... can you advise me as to what to look for, or listen for, as far as trying to determine whether or not I did, indeed, hurt my Aggie? I still think it's working, but it sounds "fuzzy" at times when I'm running my chorus and delay, but I'm still not confident enough with an fx loop to truly know what I'm doing! :(

    BTW... I've never gigged with my pedals, as I just use them for fun... right now; therefore, I've not had my amp "pumped" at any time while using them, nor has there been very much time using them at any given setting... don't know if this statement is relevant, but I thought I'd make it...

    Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas! ;)


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    ...and a very Merry Christmas to you too my fellow Bergie lovin' Hawaiian! Can't wait to see/hear about your NV425 with the 215! I'll be running TWO 215's...

    DON'T run any boost through your fx loop! I killed my ADA years ago doing it & had it serviced from them when they were still in business(thankfully), & I fried a PV pre for fun to see if it held true for other fx loops...haven't done it since...

    As far as hurting your Aggie, if it sound good plugged straight in & has no sputters or strange drop offs, you probably didn't damage anything. Don't do it again...Plug into the instrument input in front with any boosting fx from here on in.
    I run ALL my fx through the front-end of my amp & it sounds great. Experiment & try different methods, but remember, only time effected go through the fx loop & NO boost(eg: wahs or distortion/od's, anything with a "boost"). Chorus & delays or flangers don't do this & if so extremely minimally, with no ill effect/damage to your pre.
    Everything I've voiced on or posted is from all my personal experiences/mistakes, over the years with tons of different set-ups & situations...

    my $0.02

    PS: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL!
  8. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    Mahalo nui loa... D-man!

    Mele Kalikimaka 'y Hauole Makahiki Hou! :cool:


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    ...hey, it's been 10yrs since I've been to all the beautiful Islands you inhabit, could you please PM me the lay-man terms...


    PS: I met Patrick Ewing in Maui after I came out of an indoor shooting range with my wife! LMAO! Gourgeous Island, killer para-sailing...
  10. Nighttrain1127

    Nighttrain1127 Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2004
    Near Worcester MA
    So I guess if what you are saying about running boost devices through your FX loop is true then I should be running my Bass Pod through my Instrument input? Not contradicting you or anything but if this is true then why don't the manufacturers tell you not to run boost through the fx loop? :bassist:
  11. Another effect loop option would be to run effects through a preamp effect loop. I run a preamp before my GK1001RB, and run all of my effects through the effect loop in the rack preamp. I do that mainly because I like the tubes in the pre to react to the bass before the effects hit the signal. Then, I run the signal through the effect loop of the preamp, and then from the preamp into the GK. I don't think that I'd like to run a boost effect straight into my power amp section, though. Yikes!
  12. Can you run a graphic EQ through an amps loop without damaging anything?


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    I would say yes, but why would you?

  14. The distortion channel of my V8 lacks balls... I'd like to kick it up a notch with an EQ pedal in the loop...


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    I would mess around with the first 2 or even 3 tubes also. V2 is for the 2nd ch/dist. A tube change makes a huge difference here. I don't think an eq in the fx loop would do too much,but, give it a whirl...

  16. Hmm. I thought most preamp tubes are used for both channels...
  17. I dont think thats correct Devilman...
    Dunno If I've been lucky so far, but I've always put my whole effects chain through the FX Loop and never had a problem at all.

    IM talking
    Bass -> Amp

    Fx Loop Send -> EBS Multicomp -> EBS Octabass -> EHX Big Muff -> Ibanez PH7 -> Boss CE-2B -> Boss DD-3 -> Fx Loop return


    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    What type of amp? Is it a passive or active bass? I can't understand the purpose of running any signal boost through an fx loop, + AFAIK, it's always been a no no. I fried my ADA that way moons ago & have heard other horror stories.
    I prefer to run all my distortion before my eq(fx loops are post eq). It helps shape the sound much better.
    Again, I'd love to know a reason as to why the preference to a loop with distortion or any signal boost? Sound, convience, ???....

  19. Well, I used toi run everything between bass and amp, but the sound guy from the studios I jam at, told me to always use the fx loop. He didnt elaborate on it, but obviously, he wouldnt want me to burn his warwick heads.

    ( He also happens to be a soundman at most of the big shows around Lisbon so he knows what hes talking about...Got his own Stage Sound company )

    I use an active Stingray and a passive Jazz bass.

    in the studio I go through a warwick prophet IV and at home an ebs gorm combo.
  20. In doubt, I was talking to a couple of friends that I consider FX gurus, and they said that there isnt really any danger in having boosters in the FX loop, but as a matter of personal choice because of sound quality, they'd rather have any non time-based effects Out of the Fx loop.