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  1. what in god's name is a slow gear? i know it has something to do with volume. also, has anyone used an rdv5 with a bass? i want some reverb and am contemplating the purchase of one.

    now with the tremolo...i have a drummer that sways back and forth in time, and i'm afraid that would reak havoc on my delay/tremolo pedal. isn't a tremolo a type of pedal that requires a steady tempo or it sound off time?
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    Slow Gear is a volume swell pedal that automatically triggers when a note is played.

    Guyatone do a modern version:

    And also the ME-50B multi fx has a slow gear setting.

    Re: reverb, I'm assuming you mean the boss rv-5? I haven't used that one, but do have the rv-3 which is a combined reverb/delay. I've had no issues with it, but I keep it in an effects loop to avoid boss tone suckage.