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Boss SE-70, VF1- expression pedal, midi mouse?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Chad Michael, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Have a few questions for anyone who may have used an SE-70, or VF1, with an expression pedal or midi switcher.

    Can a variable expression pedal be used with the SE-70 (or the new version, VF1)? The idea would be to use a Leslie (rotating) speaker effect, and use the expression pedal to vary the speed.

    Also, can a midi switcher be used to select effects presets via the midi port? I’m thinking about a Tech 21 Midi Mouse for doing this.

    Any ideas?
  2. (bump)

    Hmmm... having trouble finding any information via the Roland site or any other forums that deal with effects.

    I know that the SE70 (old version) still brings top dollar on the used market, and the VF1 (new version) is sold out in many places. Leads me to think that lots of people have them, seems there would also be lots of people familiar with some of the basic features....:meh:
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    Both are full midi effects.
    It means that you can control any parameter from a MIDI pedalboard with an expression pedal.
  4. Yup.

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    Plus, this Behringer is pretty cheap.
  6. Thanks for the info...

  7. Yes, I have an SE-70 that I used to quite a bit - I rarely use it these days though. I used it with a MIDI Buddy footswitch for patch selection and I think a Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal. I mostly used the expression pedal for WAH and volume, but I reckon you could use it for the Leslie cab effect!