Boss V-Wah... a review of sorts.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by chips, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Gday guys

    Today I went to my music shop that i like to order a bass wah (105q) when the dude that works there (i know him a little bit and he helps me out alot) says have i tried just using a guitar wah? And goes on to tell me that his bassist uses one to get a sound that cuts through more and has the higher freqs in there. I figure, meh, might as well try it.

    He pulls out this new boss v-wah that theyve just started stocking and we go through and plug it in. now this thing just looked pretty sweet :smug: here are some of the cool features:
    -6 wah sounds, including cry-wah (JMI crybaby), vo-wah (vox v486), mo-wah (morley bad horsie) bass mix, advanced and custom (where you can create your own wah sounds)
    -Voice effect (talking modulation sounds)
    -Uni-V (Uni-Vibe sounds)

    On some of the wahs i lost a bit of bottom end, but found by sweeping through with the freq knob i could bring it back. One thing that i really liked about this is the way its activated... (this pedal has no spring) when its fully toe down, u press more into it and it engages. I liked this because if you going nutz moving ur foot up and down the effect wont turn off if you are fully heel down like a 105q does. Same thing to disengage, just lean right into it.

    I didnt mess much with the drive function, but found a nice tone that added a bit off grit. The drive function is essentially 8 different distortion effects, each one modelling the sound of a certain pedal. These are the different pedals they are emulating: boss MT-2 metal zone, EHX big muff, guv'nor, boss OD-1 overdrive, boss OD-1 distortion, boss OD-2 overdrive, boss BD-2 blues driver, and a booster with flat response.

    I found a few nice settings, and i actually got some pretty cool Timmy C-ish tones aswell. Around here the bass cry baby sells for about $350, and this was $400, but with the discount i got (or what some one would talk the price down to) was $320, which is pretty damn good. I would recomend that you go out and try one, i was blown away :hyper:

    Chips :bassist:
  2. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    They're pretty cool, I couldn't get used to the sweep on davidmwilson's and kept switching it off. Given more time, I could probably get used to it.
  3. could you elaborate on the talk effect?
  4. MODNY

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    Nov 9, 2004
    the talk effect is decent

    basially, you use this one selector, to find a certain couple of vowel sounds which it can produce and moveing the pedal back and forth plays the vowel soundz
  5. I know the AW-3 can do a similar thing, is that the same circuit?
  6. MODNY

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    Nov 9, 2004

    Anyways, its got a humanizer effect that you pick the vowel to begin the wah and a vowel to end the wah...for instance, in the picture it'll stay at a contant IIIIIIIIIII sound, but if you set the second one to O, then it'll go IIIIOOOO...anyways, you mentioned making certain vowel sounds, and i was wondering if the V-WAH did the same thing.
  8. David Wilson

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    Oct 14, 2002
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    I like mine a lot too, I know people think I'm a dirty heathen for using a digital wah but at the end of the day it works for me. I've tried the Dunlop and Morleys, and they just didn't do it for me.
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    superbassman, from what ive read about the talk effect, its bassd (woooo... i spelt base like bass :D) on the AW-3, and then theyve taken it even further, adding more vowels into it or something. After reading the manual last night, the amount of things you can adjust on this pedal just make it even more cooler. Im pretty sure you can sweep through to change the vowel sounds that you get. But for now, im a little bit unsure and cant really find out because i cant pick up the pedal until next week :(
    in other news, my brand new small clone is arriving tomorrow!!!! :D woooooooooooooooooo!!!! party, excellent, bonus
  10. you can sometimes choose y?
  11. chips

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  12. the vowels are A E I O U and sometimes Y (like in try)
    you said "they've taken it even further, adding more vowels" and the AW-3 already has A E I O and U and all there is left is the "sometimes Y"
  13. is there a sound sample of the talk effect?
  14. chips

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    ah i see... i havnt used the Aw-3 so i didnt know sorry :)
    okay... from the manual
    "A further advancement beyond the BOSS HUMANIZER, this effect produces "talking" modulation sounds and realistic human voice sounds.
    Imagine the effect timmy c uses on calm like a bomb, i can get sounds like that by adding the distortion to it, so take away the dist. sound and it gives sounds similar to that.
  15. chips

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    sorry if i cannot be of any more help, if i go into the studio ill try and get some clips for you. or you can try it out yourself ;)