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    Sep 22, 2006
    anybody tried one? im sure it sucks the low end, but a barge doodad would take care of that. they get some really cool sounds. cheers:hyper:
  2. I had one for a while. Didn't lose a lot of low end that I noticed, great for your Cliff Burton moments. For the price they go for you can get a lot of sounds out of it, and they have some nifty extra effects (trem type thing and vowel sounds controlled by the pedal). I sold it on because I realised I would never use it in my playing.
  3. i borrowed one from my mate quite recently, i dont know if it was just a setting i had it on, but when the pedal was 'off' it sounded like the worst bypass ive ever heard, i literally had to check that i didnt have an overdrive on because the signal was so distorted, however i'll add i didnt read the manual and its possible that there could be a bypass/overdrive setting, as the v-wah can do ALOT and you can save presets, its a pretty complicated pedal, the only setting that i liked however was the UNI-wah, which is an expression controlled tremolo.

    I found the treadle depth to be unsatisfactory tho, far too shallow for me, as soon as you move your foot, you're pretty much done. I feel that treadle depth is key to expression, when i step on my wah i want to FEEL like im playing the wah. the V-wah, although solidly built felt like a bit of a toy to me.

    Having said that, there are different overdrive/distortion sounds that are built in like the Metalzone and a muff, quite how you access them i dont know, but its probably worth finding the manual on the boss website and having a good read. These combined with the other options make it very versatile for the money, but my logic is that even with presets, id rather have one sound it excelled at than a whole bunch that were just OK, because live, id have enough to worry about with my other pedals before spending 20 minutes f**king around with presets and settings, which is why im on the look out for a reasonably priced expression/trem (possibly the new EHX XO worm)

    there is a bass-wah setting on it, but my 105q blows it out of the water IMO.

    If you're looking for a wah id say look elsewhere, but if you're looking for a fun pedal that'll keep you entertained, then go ahead, they still sell quite well used. So you should be able to get most of your money back if you dont like it.
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    Sep 22, 2006
    i think with a looper or whatnot it could sound rad, might try to find one used. cheers
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    Sep 22, 2006
    bump for soundclips