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BossCEB-3 settings?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by grooveguru, Jun 6, 2002.

  1. grooveguru


    Sep 14, 2000
    Central PA
    I have one of these puppies coming Monday and was wonder what are some of the settings you guys use? And what type of sounds do your settings produce?
  2. Gopher Bob

    Gopher Bob

    Nov 24, 2001
    I'm interested too. i just bought one less than a week ago.
  3. I use two main settings:

    LF @ 12 o'clock
    Rate @ 2 o'clock
    Depth @ 10 o'clock


    LF @ 2 o'clock
    Rate @ 3 o'clock
    Depth @ 10 o'clock

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