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Boston Conservatory

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [DB]' started by anthem274, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. anthem274


    Jul 19, 2003
    Arlington, TX
    Though it's heavily over-shadowed by Boston University and the New England Conservatory, The Boston Conservatory sparked some interest in me. How does the Boston Conservatory compare to other schools nation wide?

    3-it's okay
    5-very good

    I noticed that the faculty is entirely made up of BSO members. There is NOTHING wrong with that.

  2. Depends. Do you play Jazz or Classical?
  3. Justin K-ski

    Justin K-ski

    May 13, 2005
    From your profile I'm guessing you play classical.

    NEC and BU are far better bass schools without a doubt. However, the biggest factor in choosing a school should be faculty. If you want to study with Larry Wolfe Todd Seeber or any of the other guys that teach there, I'm sure you would get a better deal than you would at NEC.
  4. Todd Seeber also teaches at BU, by the way.
  5. EFischer1

    EFischer1 Guest

    Mar 17, 2002
    New York, New York
    Also, he's really, really nasty.
  6. Oh?
  7. GirlBass


    Jul 31, 2005
    New York
    really? I thought he was supposed to be a nice guy...?
  8. EFischer1

    EFischer1 Guest

    Mar 17, 2002
    New York, New York
    ha.....not nasty like that. Nasty like, "Man, did you see that guy play the Schuller concerto, it was nasty".

    Todd's a great guy, and a great teacher.

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