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  1. Kaiserdarrin

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    Nov 17, 2005
    Hey everyone,
    I just had a question about the old Traynor yba-1a amps. Ive had it for about 2 years with the Traynor yb-18a cabinet and never had to replace the tubes. Recently, I switched to using a 4003 Rickenbacker, instead of my fender pbass, with the rick-o-sound. I was told that it would be ok if I put both cords from the stereo box into seperate channels of the Traynor amp. The first show I played with it the tubes went. Does using both channels, one for bridge pickup and one for neck, overpower the amp or was it just luck? Is there a trick Im missing to this? If anyone has any tips or suggestions let me know.

    Thanks alot,
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    Jan 14, 2004

    Don't know that amp and know very little about tube amps. I do know they're designed differently to function differently. Some are basically two seperate amps in one with two power transformers and all. My guess is if the amp has 4 input jacks (hi/lo gain for each channel) it should be good to go as you ran it. If it only has 2 input jacks (hi/lo gain) with two channels then that may not have been a good approach to use. If that's the case, there should a channel switch and you'd have been running both pups through only one channel.

    I've ran a SS power amp as you're describing but not a tube. I've also ran an SS combon that way.

    I know there's guys that know tube amps in this forum so maybe a bump will nail it down.
  3. I looked at the schematic and it shouldn't have bothered the amp to run both input channels, that was a common setup in those days.

    Did you have the amp checked out later? Did all the tubes go, or just the power tubes? Did you run it without a speaker hooked up to it?
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    Aug 24, 2003
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    That's purely coincidental. The tubes didn't blow because you used both channels at once. Something else is wrong.
  5. Kaiserdarrin

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    Nov 17, 2005
    The amp does have 4 input jacks. I feel alot better knowing that its not an issue anymore, Im goin tomorow to have all the tubes tested and see which ones need replacing. The power tubes went, but Im also thinking that some of the pre-amp ones went too, maybe they even caused the power tubes to blow. Anyways, Im a college student so I dont have all the money to keep replacing tubes like this so you guys were a huge help. This is also my first post on this forum, great place. Thanks again.


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  6. It would be difficult, perhaps even impossible, for a preamp tube to cause the power tubes to blow (well maybe if the phase inverter went but I doubt it).

    I can't promise anything, but if you can get it to me (I live NE of Nashville), I could maybe take a look at it over the Thanksgiving weekend, maybe it's something other than blown power tubes....PM me...

    P.S. "blown power tubes" doesn't really sound like the problem, and I do have a tube tester myself...