bought a new bass from overseas

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  1. ok this was the first time ive ever bought a bass from overseas (USA) i had to resort to this option due to finance and the absurd overpricing of gear in Oz. My problem is that i bought it about 10 days ago, quickly received an email with my invoice then a second email explaining the bass was being moved to another store for intl shipping. the second email told me shipping information would be sent to me ASAP. so its been 7 business days and im yet to hear from the store (can i name it here?) should i be worried at all? i sent a follow up email three days ago requesting some info but havent been replied to yet.

    I searched the store in TB and found only positive things said about this store.

    Is this cause for concern or am i expecting too much communication?
  2. Thunderitter

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    Jun 6, 2007
    I'd name the store - then you can get feedback from others that should help you deciding what to do.

    Also, as long as you've bought with a credit card you should be covered in the long term.

    (good luck with the Blokes and Sheila's of the Aussie Customs dept!)
  3. the store is Adirondack guitars. yep i paid for it with credit card which helps me rest a little easier at the moment.
  4. smcd


    Jun 28, 2009
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    I wouldn't be too concerned yet. Though they should have gotten back to you by now. Have you tried calling the store?

    What I don't understand is the "moving to another store for international shipment". I ship overseas all the time. There's nothing complicated about it.
  5. i haven't given them a call yet due to the whole long distance thing but that may become necessary. yeah the moving to another store thing confused me when i read it but ive never had to deal with shipping things overseas so wasn't sure if that was normal or not.
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    Many thanks for helping out the American economy!!!! I appreciate it. I'll hoist a few Castlemain XXXX in you honor!!!
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    Mar 2, 2006
    I would call them. I haven't had any experience with that particular store, but a lot can be accomplished by the telephone instead of email. I hate communicating that way.
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    Wrong State mate (Queensland) - a real slap in the face for a Victorian! :)

    Offer him a VB or a Crownie and you'll be right!
  9. Well im a Carlton man myself but ill take a VB in a pinch.
    and thanks to the interstate rivalries you hardly ever see XXXX on tap around here and have to dig around the freezer at the bottler to find any!

    i dont mind supporting the US economy according to our smarmy litle prime minister we escaped a technical recession thanks to his vote buying..i mean stimulus package;)
  10. I live up in Canada, and in my experience from ordering from American stores, it is normal for the item to take two weeks to get to my place, in fact, I'm surprised if they come in during that time frame. Being in Australia, it's probably normal for things to take a while, so I don't think all is lost just yet.
  11. NateDogg


    Jun 19, 2009
    I did a similar thing, i bought from a bloke here on TB (i'm also in Aus)

    Watch how much costoms charge you, mine cost me and extra $350 to get through customs, which was a bit of a shock.

    what's the bass that you bought?
  12. Joe Gress

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    Each time I have shipped something to your end of the world it has taken about two and a half weeks. I wouldn't worry yet.
  13. thanks for the reassurance guys im starting to think ive jumped the gun a bit in getting worried.
    NateDogg i got a schecter 6 string lefty.

    Even if i get charged $350 by customs ill still be saving about $400 than if i had bought in Oz....
  14. oh and johhnynacho i think ive just been lucky with shipping because the last synth i bought was from the US and it was at my doorstep 5 business days later without any express shipping..