Bought a set of Fender N3 5 string jazz pickups and i have 3 basses to choose from...

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  1. Well, I am in modding mode again so i bought a set of Fender N3 5 string J-pickups.

    I own 3 5-string J basses and the choices are:

    2006 Fender MIM Jazz bass V (strung with Labella flats)

    2008 Lakland DJ 5 Skyline (with black beauties)

    2011 Squier VM Jazz V (strung with purple aurora strings)

    I honestly have no idea which bass to swap the pups.

    Im aiming at the MIM jazz V but anyone have a different opinion??

    Thanks for reading.
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    It would kinda depend on what pickups you are replacing. I'd go with whichever pickups are the cheapest between the Fender and the Squier.

    How do you like those Aurora strings?
  3. I'm aiming to replace the fender pickups. While they provide the thump needed with the flats.,i always thought the mids were a bit on the weak side and of course the B strings on those suckers are not perfect.

    For the squier, i am thinking quarter pounders, or fork a litte more $$$ for aguilar 70's jazz bass 5 string

    Aurora strings? i love them, i bought it at a whim, but they are nice and bright, really good for slapping and on top of that very colourful too :)