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Bought a SVT-3Pro yesterday, anyone here using this?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Bonafide, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Bonafide


    Oct 15, 2002
    I bought the SVT-3Pro and the SVT 4x10HLF yesterday after some serious research. This rig sounds really great no doubt. It seem really versatile.
    In your experience is this loud enough for 'bigger' gigs? Say larger outdoor stuff where I need some serious punch ans volume?
    What about trying to compete with a large guitar amp if needed?
    Truth is, I can get the SVT-5Pro for only $200 more and pick up the 6x10 HLF for another $150 more.
    I am wondering if that is not a better option? It would open my pallete a little but I lose the graphic EQ.
    Question is DO I NEED TO?
    This rig sound really good and would rather not break my back with a bigger cab and 45 lb head.

    Any help would be really great.
    Thank you.
  2. Send a PM in Ad Naseum's (spelling/sorry Ad) direction. He told me has a SVT-3PRO. I would kill for your just bought rig even though I don't really need it yet. Congrats.
  3. The 6x10 is only 6 pounds heavier than the 4x10, then again, the 4x10 has MUCH more low end then the 6x10. I use the 4x10, but i thought the SVT-3 Pro lacked the power it said it had, so i didn't buy it, and opted for the Pre/power setup instead. Great you chose Ampeg though!
  4. Bonafide


    Oct 15, 2002
    The SVT-3Pro is surprisingly loud and punchy in my rehearsal studio. I just wonder about gig's and such.
    It was highly recommended by a gigging professional friend of mine.

    Every one who is selling thiers used seem to say they love the sound but needed to get a head with more power. I am just concerned about that in the not so long run.
    Thank you for the help.
  5. rok51

    rok51 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2002
    Crawfordville, FL
    I have an SVT III Pro and used it for 7 years in combo with first two Peavey 410TXs and later, with a 115 BX BW replacing one of the 410's. It didn't sound as loud as I thought 450 watts should, but that said, I never had to max it out on the master volume, even outdoors without PA support. I, too, did a lot of research before buying and liked the size, weight, tone and features of this amp. I felt, correctly, that any gig that required more ooomph would have PA support. If more power is needed, as suggested above, try the SVP Pro preamp and the power amp of your choice. There are many lightweight, compact power amps you could team with a preamp and have an easy to move powerhouse.