Bought keyboard controller to beef up my piano skills, hooked it up to PC, now what?

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    Dec 27, 2002
    I've always been wanting to improve my keyboard skills without having to spend a lot of cash. I was told "get one of those keyboard controller things, you'll have to hook them up to your PC for them to play sound but you'll be able to get a decent claviature without having to spend too much cash.

    Well, so I did. I bought a keyboard controller off ebay and hooked the thing up to the Midi out my SB Live. I was hoping to be able to use the programs that came with the SB to jam with this thing, but nada. What program do I need to use my PC as an amplifier for this thing? It didn't come with any software as I got it from the 'bay. Could you guys recommend me a program or two, preferrably not too expensive? I have an oldish copy of Cubase, which I don't have installed right now as I'm really terrible at it. Will that work? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. i do believe that you need a software synth (i've got reason) i think thats what you need...
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    Google on "General MIDI Synth" and "soundfonts" for some info on how do do what you need to. I don't do MIDI with my 'puter, so I can't help much beyond that. It'd probably help to start by plugging into your MIDI input on the SB though, no? :cool:

    BTW, Cubase will work for a softsynth application, although I think Creative has a simpler app that should've come with your card.

    Edit: did you enable the SB MIDI in the Windows volume control app, and turn it up?