Bought myself a Fender Bassman 100

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Andy Daventry, Sep 16, 2000.

  1. The Ampeg BA112, good though it is, finally showed signs of breaking up after three months gigging. I sold it and bought a Fender Bassman 100. I wanted the 400, but could not afford it. he 100 watt is a compromise. Good sound, though. I'll let you all know how it gigs...

  2. Deynn

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    Aug 9, 2000
    Andy....what exactly happened to the Ampeg? I have one too, so I am especially interested.
  3. Nothing serious! It's a tough little amp, the 112...but I had been thrashing it at full volume (is the US expression 'dimed out'? I think it is...) for three hours at a time twice a week for three months, and I noticed that the tone settings were creeping up all together to compensate for the low volume...and there were beginning to be a couple of wee little rattles. The speaker was at its limit.

    Now, I don't believe that any low/mid price practice amp is going to survive extended treatment of this sort, no matter how well built.

    So I sold it before it reached a condition where it would be unsaleable, and bought something a bit tougher.

    Is all...

  4. Deynn

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    Aug 9, 2000
    Thanks Andy. The BA-112 IS a great litle workhorse...:) I don't have a need to push mine as hard, so it should hold up for quite a while.
    Keep us updated on the Fender!
  5. Hey, Andy.

    Again, congrats! Lovin' my new Bassman 400, too. I'll be interested to see how you like yours in a gig situation...

    Plz see your post at the FDP for answer to your LED question. (I'm aka Dan the Speakerman).
  6. A fine amp. Doesn't have the clarity of the Ampeg, but I may learn how to dial it one day. Roundwounds may sound better... MUCH more power. Gave the guitar (Strat through a Marshall JTM60) a run for its money. Guitarist was happy....and we played a great gig...

    Only thing that worried me was that it was clipping at gain 5....but that's a P bass. I may run it on active next week and see what happens.

    Oh,'s a great amp! Really blasted thrugh old classics like 'Black night'. I don't regret not getting the 400...that would have sunk the stage!
  7. brought this back to the top. It has been nearly four months, and I am still very, very happy with this amp. I discovered that what I thought was 'clipping' was actually a light flashing to show the thing is working properly....duh!

    Still with a P bass, still with Thomastik flats. Current gig is sttraight from the miking up. WHAT a satisfying bass sound. Great amp for the price. Perfect bar amp.

    and Deynn...embarrassing confession...what I thought was the Ampeg breaking up was actually a loose floorboard in the stage vibrating...

    God, I feel stupid!