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Bought the Fortress

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Drake, Jun 22, 2002.

  1. Guess what I went out to see the Fortress bass today. It is a Warwick fortress one with the ACTIVE PJ configuration. The finish is natural maple, it is a 93, and a 4 string. The asking price was 800 canadian, but I sealed the deal for what I consider to be a sweet 700 canadian.

    The bass needs some TLC though and brings me to some key questions. The finish was natural maple and has been very recently sanded smooth to remove a few scuffs. I need to refinish the bass. I think the answer would be just to wax it, but can you guys tell me how to prep it and wax it properly or if there are better options. The colouration is very light and I would like a bit more woody shade.

    The volume pot also needs a new washer and nut because I think he lost it or something.

    Lastly, the bass needs to be set up, intonated, and neck adjusted just the way I like it. If everything goes smoothly that shoudl be complete tomorrow.

    So the main concern is the finish. Help?

  2. jankjo


    May 22, 2002
    Hey Drake,
    Congratulations!!! Sounds like you got a great deal!

    I can't help you too much on the finish stuff, and I have a completely unrelated question for you. I'm a bit new to the talkbass forum, and I was wondering what "bump" means...
  3. steve-o

    steve-o Guest

    Apr 17, 2002
    the finish could be done a couple of ways.
    one is tung oil. or polyurethane.
    are you looking for a trade?
    that seems likean awsome bass!
    need em!

  4. jasonbraatz


    Oct 18, 2000
    Oakland, CA
    all the unfinished warwicks come with the beeswax sealer/oil, and it works really well. if you want darker, maybe oiling it every couple of days would do the trick? i wouldn't try to finish it unless it's got some serious flaws - warwicks are made to be au natural.
  5. Me very happy for you. Watco Danish oil finish works on a Warwick. I had bought a gently used Corvette STD someone had put EMG's in but left the controls in their passive J configuratnon. 'Twas a '96 w/ brass nut bought with case for $550 US. Some of the finish had rubbed thru above the neck pickup, typical of heavily playred J setups. I rubbed a bit of Watco Dark Walnut on it and matched the natural bubinga peferctly. I then applied the Warwick wax ($15/tin if you know where to shop: thebassplace.com and no I don't work there). Congratulations and welcome to the family. :D
  6. ...oh yeah, I second the motion for pix.

    This may be off topic or belong elsewhere, but are ya gonna put a Bass Xtender on your E-string? I have done so on several Warwick 4's and am happy to report that Hipshot now makes a key that has the standard ergonomic paddle-shaped lever, as opposed to the 2/3 arch design of yesteryear. What they did was completely re-do the basplate of the tuner so it'd fit on a crowded headstock with tuners in slanted configuration, like on Warwicks and select Ibanez models.
  7. Thanks guys. I will go the warwick beeswax route, but I am still confused as to whether or not the body needs to be oiled first.

    Yes I will try and get some pics up when I can... either with my extremely low quality web cam or standard camera and scanner. Soon enough.


  8. Let's alleviate some confusion for ya. Do the oil first, especially if you wanna darken up the color. Then apply the beeswax, which Warwick says should be done regularly anyway. Dno't take any grief about the pix, just get 'em up when ya can.

    ...and please pray for the people of the Arizona White Mountains, affected by the severe wildfires. My 4th of July gig was to have been there, now I wanna know when the relief benefit shows are gonna be held so I can take my band there. I don't know what the natinoal media is showing the world, but the local TV choppers are showing Hiroshima-like devastation....very moving...


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